3d Laser Engraving Guide to Machines and the Process

3d Laser Engraving Guide to Machines and the Process

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3d laser engraving is a great process for getting smaller objects, such as crystal engraved. 3d crystal laser engraving has blown up recently and people are using laser 3d engraving to get the job done. Below is my guide on this whole process, the best machines to buy and use, and what to look out for when getting into this process.

Below is how my guide will be split up. Feel free to jump to the sections that best suit you.

3d laser engraving

1. 3d laser engraving process

2. Using cnc laser engraving

3. 3d laser engraving crystal

4. The best 3d laser engraving machine

5. 3d laser engraving software

6. Final Thoughts

The 3d laser engraving process

Laser engraving, also called laser marking, uses a laser to 3d engrave an object. There are no tool parts that directly touch the object. Everything is done with a laser that gets fired through a block of material, such as crystal.

The process involves 3d laser engraving equipment such as a laser engraver. The appropriate material is then chose and put onto the engraving machine’s bed. This is then held securely using either clamps or vacuum suction. The laser then comes through and engraves or marks the object. The machine is usually controlled by a computer program. The computer program or cnc program usually produces the final results in a virtual environment, so you can preview before cutting into expensive material.

Using cnc laser engraving – laser engraving 3d

3d laser engraving machine

Cnc, otherwise known as Computer Numerically Controlled, means to use a computer to control your manufacturing process combined with a machine. It is essentially a computer program that runs the 3d crystal laser engraving machine.

There are huge advantages to this as opposed to operating a machine by hand. Some of the advntages include being able to predict and see what the final end product will look like in a virtual environment. The computer can also optimize your cutting and engraving paths, to make sure you minimize on material usage. This is seen a lot in the sheet metal cutting industry, where nesting programs are used to minimize material loss.

Cnc laser engraving is seen in many different industries, such as the toy, jewelry, crystal and glass industries. If you are reading this, then maybe you come from one of these industries yourself, or want to jump into one of these industries. Not to worry, read on to find out my favorite picks for machines to use for your 3d laser crystal engraving.

3d laser crystal engraving

What seems to be all the rage these days are 3d laser engraved photo crystals and gifts. I’ve seen crystal engraved books, wedges, plaques, portraits, ornaments and tons more. If you are looking at engraving, try to think outside the box to see what you can really come up with. Some of the above ideas make for some pretty cool gift ideas.

The best 3d laser engraving machines

There are many different laser engraving machines out there, but finding the right 3d laser engraving machine for sale can be tough. Below are some of my recommendations. Click through for more information and the exact 3d laser engraving machine price.

If machines are not what you are after, check out some of these awesome 3d laser engraved gifts:

3d laser engraving software

There are actually quite a few options, check them out:

Gravograph: Gravograph have a solid program called Gravostyle 5

Coreldraw: Check out Graphics Suite X3 for a good package that includes the ability to draw and engrave with the right machine

Xentech Global: They have a software package called XGW-32 which is fairly easy for the novice to pick up

Kern lasers: These guys have their own 3d laser engraving software package for 3d laser engraving that may also be worth checking out

Final Thoughts

Finding the right 3d laser crystal engraving machine can be daunting and the whole laser engraving process can be a little unknown. But it certainly is making its mark on many different industries right now, so get among it. Grab a machine or go and get yourself a souvenir using this cool process.

For further reading, check out our guide on how to get the best 3d laser engraving machine.