4 Axis CNC Router Guide

4 Axis CNC Router Guide

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4 axis cnc router

Are you looking for a 4 axis cnc router? Well I’ve put together a guide on what to buy, what the big brands are and also what parts you may need going forward.

Specific 4 axis router brands are hard to come by, as a lot of typical 4 axis machines are modded from an original 3 axis machine. Without further ado, here’s our 4 axis cnc router guide:

Top brands to look for:

Haas – Haas do great 4 axis cnc machines.The ES-5-AX, ES-5-4T, HS-3R are big bed type 4 axis cnc milling machines. From $130k to just over $500k (the first two models are enclosed) The largest 4 axis machine here is a monster 150″ x 50″ x 60″. Yes that’s right, a cnc machine that is actually the price of a house – definitely worth a look.

Haas also does slightly smaller (but still big) machines. Check out their VF-2SS cnc machine for a 16″ x 30″ table travel 4 axis machine, or their 26″ x 40″ table travel HAAS VF-3YT enclosed cnc machine.

Flexicam – Flexicam have some cool machines that have different strengths and weakneses. If you want variety – see these guys.

The Flexicam XXL is a HUGE machine that can have multiple gantries. The XXL machine can go up to a length of just over 12 meters!

Remember, Flexicam doesn’t just do super huge 4 axis cnc machines, they also have a good range of smaller machines that are worth a look.

Careel Technology – Careel’s CR-1325S and their CR-2040S are solid 4 axis machines. Each have a fairly sizable table size. One at 1450×2950 and the larger model at 2500×4700. There is sufficient size here to cover your 4 axis cnc milling needs.

Other recommendations:

MDX-540 subtractive rapid prototyping system – This machine isn’t technically a cnc machine, but is a rapid prototyping machine that has 4 axis capabilities.

Rapid prototyping is something I have never really gone into too much on this particular site, but it is a great alternative as opposed to a cnc router. This is because of its accuracy.

For snap-on parts, smooth finishes and parts that need a smaller resolution (very fine and small parts) – rapid prototyping is a must. Definitely worth checking this machine out.

Different 4 axis cnc controller parts/ accessories to look at:

4-axis CNC driver box – This is my top pick for a 4 axis cnc mill driver box. This is a Sherline cnc driver box. We have been looking and writing about Sherline cnc machines for a while. This also comes with Linux software and a 6 amp power supply.

Fourth-axis.com – This is a great site that has a ton of options for different fourth axis parts. If you have a diy 4 axis cnc router, then this site is definitely worth checking out.

Products and accessories include 3 and 4 jaw chucks, motor axis, magnetic faceplates, adaptor kits and different tutorials for these particular parts/ cnc accessories.

Lagunatools.com – These guys do some solid cnc machines. They also have specific 4 axis cnc machines.

Their machines come with larger bed sizes, such as the Swift 4-axis 24 x 48 as wekk as the Smartshop D 48″ x 96″ 4hp cnc router 10hp vacuum. A larger cnc machine like this definitely needs a vacuum to function well, so I’m glad to see this functionality with this larger bed cnc machine.

Probotix – 4 axis stepper motor driver kits for the person who loves the diy 4 axis cnc scene. These are some quality parts for a potential 4 axis cnc kit.

Xylotex – For cheaper 4 axis drive boxes, check out the Xylotex 4 axis drive box.

4 axis cnc software

BobCAD-CAM – 4 axis mill professional software. This is a great piece of cad/cam software. Cad/cam software can be really expensive.

Solidworks and Pro/Engineer are my usual go-to’s, but the BobCAD-CAM cnc software works perfect for a 4 axis cnc machine, without needing to have the extra bells and whistles of the aforementioned programs.

Seats for Solidowrks, Pro/Engineer and Autodesk Inventor can be expensive. BobCAD-CAM also has software for 5 axis machines too. Also I wouldn’t recommend AutoCAD 3d, it’s best to just go straight to a dedicated 3d program or with Inventor.

Beginner G Code – Check out our tutorial for beginners. There are plenty of other books out there as well for this sort of stuff (see below) or our write up on different cnc courses.

CNC must-have books – check out these books for further information on cnc training and software recommendations. Good luck!


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