Best Benchtop CNC Mill for Your Workshop

Best Benchtop CNC Mill for Your Workshop

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Benchtop cnc mill

Today we will be looking at the best benchtop cnc mill. Finding the best benchtop cnc mill can be hard, but I have done the research and have cut it down for you.

Below is a guide I have compiled for getting the right cnc benchtop mill without too much stress. I have also included ideas during the shopping process to make sure you get the best machine to suit your needs.

Seig X3/SX3 – Seig make some solid benchtop cnc mills. The SX3 is the higher spec’d model and does come with a tilting head which can be handy. It also has a 1 hp motor as opposed to a 3/4 p motor that the X3 has. You can fit CNC onto both machines. Remember that you can get around not having a tilting head by using a good angle vice.

Grizzly G0619/G0463 – Grizzly make good machines and these milling machines can be used for a cnc conversion. You can get a good kit from Baldor or Keling. Also you might want to look into a dual port bo0ard over a single depending on your application.

Taig Mills and Lathes – A good selection of micro mills as well as micro lathes and both cnc/non-cnc mills. Good for any type of┬ámaterial┬ásuch as aluminum, wood, plastic, brass and steel.

benchtop cnc mill

K2 – A solid range here. Their benchtop cnc mills are pretty good value and they have servos as well as steppers. /also made in the U.S. so you know you are getting quality parts. Check out their new KT-1414-09 3-4 axis steppers.

Sherline – These guys have just awesome packages. They have kits that come with everything for a cnc benchtop mill, which is great for the novice cnc person. Stuff such as cnc mill benchtop software and pre-installed hard drives are part of their cnc mill systems and packages. Of course they have tons of other stuff too. I highly recommend checking these guys out at their site which is very well detailed.

Some other benchtop cnc mills worth checking out are from Shop Fox, Proxxon and Jet.

Remember it really does come down to your own individual or company needs. What is a great set up for one person may not be the case for someone else. Good luck!


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