Best Hand Held Engraver for your Engraving Jobs

Best Hand Held Engraver for your Engraving Jobs

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Trying to find the best hand held engraver for your next engraving job? Below I will talk about what to look for in a hand held engraver. Different engravers are great for different tasks. I will also point you in the right direction for getting a good hand held engraver.

Top hand held metal engraver or wood engraver

This title would probably go to the Dremel 290-01 from Amazon, check it out below:

This is a great engraver that comes in at 7,200 strokes per minute. It is also pretty lightweight at only 12 ounces. Because of its accuracy and size, you should be able to engrave things small and legible, similar to writing with a pen and paper.

To expand its features, you could also add a keyless chuck and add rotary tool carving and engraving tool bits to this dremel. It is also super cheap and comes in at around just under $30 retail, but you can get it cheaper, at about $20 online through a site like Amazon.

Other hand held engravers worth a look

Dremel 100-N/7 – This dremel is good for engraving a variety of materials. You can do a ton of different things here such as cutting, sharpening, buffing, sanding and many other applications. The only down side is the single speed, so lacks variable speed. Worth a look, but is more of an all-rounder. For specific engraving, check out the Dremel 209-01 as mentioned before.

Dremel 4000-2/30 – This is an awesome dremel for people looking for the perfect multi use dremel. This kit pretty much does it all. Of course, you will have to pay more for it, but it also has variable speed and a lot of power behind it. This one comes highly recommended. This has variable speeds between 5-35,000 rpm which is great.

Dremel 8000-03 cordless – This bad boy is a great cordless dremel. This dremel comes with a wide range of tool fittings and a lithium Ion cordless battery. This dremel is a great choice for someone who needs a dremel that lacks a cord.

Proxxon 38481 IB/E – This professional rotary tool from Proxxon comes with great reviews. This dremel has variable speed from 5-20,000 rpm and comes with a 34-piece accessory set. The great thing about this dremel is that it is quiet and has minimal virabtion, even at maximum speeds.

Top hand held laser engraver

There really are no options out there for a hand held laser engraver. Your best bet would be to go with a smaller laser engraving machine that you can set up on a bench or on your desktop. I recommend RMI Laser for this, as they have small multi-purpose laser markers.

Also, check out our guide on laser engravers for more info.

I wish you all the best in finding the perfect hand held engraver for your engraving needs. Good luck!


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