Best Laser Etching Machine to Buy

Best Laser Etching Machine to Buy

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Far out, finding the right laser etching machine is tough work. There are a ton of different independent brands out there, that finding and comparing the best laser etching machine prices can be very tiresome.

I suggest looking at some top brands and then discern from there. I could not recommend just one machine for you, as everyone’s cnc status and what they want to do is different. If you aren’t going to outsource, then buying a machine is a huge investment and should not be something you get solely based on what other people are using.

In no particular order:

Epilog laser engraving machine

1. Epilog – Epilog is a solid brand and have 7 laser etching machines available. The 7 machines are split into three different series. This helps users drill down on what they need fast. They have both Co2 ad Fiber laser machines. Their machine bed sizes range from 16″ x 12″ to 36 x 24″.

2. Trotec -Trotec has a solid line of laser engraving machines, 9 to be exact. They have both Co2 and Fiber laser etching machines. Their machine bed sizes are measured using the metric system, and range from 610 x 305mm (24″ x 12″) to a huge 1500 x 1250mm (59″ x 49″) with lasers that range from the 10W mark to the 400W mark depending on the machine.

3. Universal Laser Systems -Universal Laser Systems is an International company which is great for support. These guys are probably the most comprehensive laser etching machine suppliers I have come across. They have 12 laser etching machines available. They range from 16″ x 12″ in bed size to 48″ x 24″. They have a lot of variety here and I definitely recommend checking these guys out for their selection for sure.

Red Sail laser etching machine

4. Red Sail – Red Sail have two models of laser etching machine for sale and have contacts in Canada and China – So makes it a good option for those living within Canada or China. Bed size is from 500 x 700mm (20″ x 27.5″)  to 600 x 900mm (23.5″ x 35.5″) for their two models with a 50 and 60W laser respectively. These machines can be used as a laser glass etching machine too.

5. Kern -Kern does all different scales, but their website does not have individual product information, so you will have to give them an email. They also have a granite laser etching machine option that will enable you to engrave granite if that is something you are in need of. You may be able to find a glass laser etching machine there too.

NOTE: For a 3d laser etching machine, check out this guide. Also model range and information is subject to change as suppliers and manufacturers change their stock and availability, so always check with the respective supplier first for further information. My goal here is to just give you a solid outline to start on, and for you to dig deeper to find the machine that will be best suited for your purposes. Good Luck!