7 Best Places to Buy Used CNC Machines for Sale including Milling,...

7 Best Places to Buy Used CNC Machines for Sale including Milling, Routing and Turning Machines

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So you are on the market for used cnc milling machines for sale? Well there are a ton of places where you can go and get a great deal and hopefully find that awesome used cnc milling machine for your workshop.

Here are the best places to get used cnc milling machines for sale. Check them out:

In no particular order:

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1. K.D. Capital – Always a large selection here with used cnc machines for sale of all types for industrial applications. They also have a handy online page that will get them to help you find a certain type of machine if they do not have it. That is super handy.

2. jspetersmach is a good place to check out, but do not have an online catalogue. You will have to call them to see what used cnc milling machines that they broker.

3. Perfection Machinery – These guys have a massive selection in so many categories I can not count. Definitely worth a visit to their site to see what they have on hand. The site is well organized and easily navigated to find certain categories that may interest you.

They also have toll free US and Canadian support through their hotline. They also have an international number, but that one costs.

4. MMI Auction – These guys always have at least a small selection of different cnc machines, used cnc turning machines, mills and lathes and a whole bunch of other machinery available for auction. Worth a look to see if you can get a deal here for sure.

A lot of the machines do have a reserve, so you will get a good deal, just not something that is too super cheap (which usually happens with no reserve auctions).

5. Emachinetool.com – These guys have a solid range of different cnc machines too, and categorize them all in a spreadsheet-like format, so at a glance you can see details like the model, year, key dimensions, and price. Also definitely worth a check to see if they may have anything you may want.

6. ReSell CNC – These guys have a solid selection of used cnc router machines. To see prices, you do have to click through a few pages and then you have to fill in a form with email, phone and name details. A lot of work just to see one price, which is why this site isn’t as good as the others.

7. Machine Tools – An absolutely mega site filled with a ton of different listings for used as well as wanted listings. From used cnc grinding machines to used cnc lathe machines for sale his is definitely the place to go and check out if you are on the hunt for a good machine.

I like the fact that they even have used cnc plasma machines here too. They also list where the cnc used machines are, so you can get one that is local to you. They also have auctions as well.


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