Best Vertical Milling Machine for Your Operation

Best Vertical Milling Machine for Your Operation

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vertical knee milling machine

The best vertical milling machine can be hard. There are a ton of different vertical milling machine models out there to choose from. Each caters to different manufacturing goals. This article will look at what the best vertical milling machines are and which one would best suit you.

There are many types of vertical milling machines out there, which now can be 3,4,5,6 and even 7 axis. The most common nowadays are 3 and 5 axis milling machines that are controlled by cnc.

Best cnc vertical milling machine

Laser – RMI Laser U-Series Multi-Purpose YV04 Laser Marker. This is a smaller machine for laser marking things like pens or jewelry. I am a big fan of companies where products are made and supported in the U.S. This means you can expect quality workmanship as well as quality support.

This laser engraver features a wavelength of 1064 nm and can mark a whole range of materials including silicon, graphite, ceramics and composites. Check it out here.

Plasma – Go with a Torchmate. They have a solid website with a page that helps you choose what you need according to budget, material, loading material, assembly and size. They have a solid selection, so many that I can’t cover here actually. Go ahead and see them for yourself here.

Regular cnc router – Go with cncmasters. These guys have a solid range of cnc vertical machines of all different types. You should definitely be able to find the right vertical milling machine for sale here. Their cnc supra mill is awesome and is great value. It is a 3 axis cnc mill ready to plug straight into your PC for under $10,000. Now that is solid value.  The machine also comes with a one year warranty. You can check out the 3 axis cnc supra machine here.

Water Jet cnc cutters– Check out wardjet. These guys have a ton of different Waterjet cutters for a whole range of different applications. Many of them even come with 5 axis capabilities. These guys are based in the U.S. too.

Best non-cnc vertical milling machines

vertical milling machine

If you are looking for something that is non-cnc, there are even more options. You will also be looking at different sizes, such as a mini milling machine all the way up to larger industrial sized machines.

I recommend going for a brand that has a good range and starting your research there. Every cnc person has his or her preference. I myself like to start with a well known brand with a good selection and then narrow in from there.

I recommend Jet, Grizzly and Proxxon. Check out some of their best reviewed machines below:



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