CAD CAM Milling Machine Buyers Guide

CAD CAM Milling Machine Buyers Guide

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There are a ton of different kinds of cad cam milling machine models. A great cad cam milling machine is one that will not only fit your budget, but will live up to the test of time.

The game is always changing, so having a machine that will be able to do what you need it to now as well as 5 years from now is crucial.

So here is my buyers guide to teach you what the best brands are and what the good and bad things are to look out for.

Top cad machine brands

Below are some top brands to start your research for a great cad milling machine:

CNC Masters – These guys have been around since 1990. They have a ton of different cnc machine varieties to choose from. They also have cnc lathe machines too. I also like the fact that they have prices on their site too.

K2 CNC – These guys also have some smaller machines. You can also check them out over at Amazon. The actual K2 site is pretty old school, but definitely worth a look.

Grizzly – Grizzly make a ton of industrial products. Their cnc machines are great. Their 10 x 54 inch 3 axis cnc milling machine is also a popular machine that gets a ton of quality reviews.

Bolton Hardware – Bolton has an industrial grade cnc 3 axis machine that is fairly reasonable in price, at around $12,000 USD.

Microkinetics – I threw this one in as it is a cnc machine that is smaller and can be placed on a desktop. They have a very precise machine that can do over 150 in/min rapids. It is also compatible with newer operating systems and can run on a USB motion controller. They have 3 models worth checking in. The cnc express, cnc express SQ, and the cnc express XL.

Jet – I love to recommend these guys as they have been around a long time and have quality machines. The Jet 690908 cnc vertical milling machine is quality but goes for a heftier price tag at around $27,000. At this price, the Bolton Tools machine is a good option to save some money.

Of course, there are tons of different brands out there. There isn’t one specific machine that is best for everyone, so be sure to check out the different brands to find a machine that will suit your specific design and manufacturing needs the most. It is all about finding the right fit.

Best cad cutting machine technique

To get the best cad cutter machine, you will have to consider the following:

1. What the material is that you will be cutting and the thickness

2. Do you need the material for a model or will it be structural.

Processes like water jet cutting do not have any heat damage, so will retain the integral strength of the material. Laser cutting has great accuracy, but uses heat to cut your plating. Using a regular cnc router to cut your material is cheap, but requires contact on the material with the cutter.

There are trade offs with all the different cutting processes. Each cad cam machine is going to have its own good and bad. I would suggest laser cutting with reinforced glass. Water jet cutting for aluminum plate, router cutting or hot wire cutting with foam, and router cutting for wood.

Remember a great tip is splitting up the project. I have done this a ton in the past and it can save on cost. Sometimes you can split an object up to use a cheaper machine, such as a smaller machine or a 3 axis machine as opposed to a 5 axis cnc machine.

Cad cam machines in other industries

Cad cam machines aren’t just seen in the manufacturing industries. They are used a lot in the medical and dental industries. A cad cam dental milling machine is often used in the dental industry. A dental cad cam milling machine can be used for milling crowns accurately using a 5 axis machine to fit a patient’s mouth perfectly.

Using a cad cut machine in different industries has really been awesome for the manufacture of cool new things. We will see the machine cad stick around for a very long time as it continues to revolutionize a ton of different industries.


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