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Are you looking at making your own homemade milling machine? Well making a diy homemade milling machine is actually fairly straight forward. Below is my guide on how to get the best plans and make an awesome machine:

Homemade cnc machine plans – Router

Below are some options I have come across to help you make a great low cost cnc machine:

Instructables – Instructables has a great article (over 600 comments) on how to make a 3 axis cnc machine cheaply and easily right here. (free)

Free CNC Plans – Not sure who founded this site, but there are some good recommendations for free cnc hobby milling machine plans here. (free)

Build your CNC – This is a great resource that gives you a step by step guide on how to build a solid cnc machine. Check it out here. (free)

My DIY cnc – These guys have a guide that you have to buy to make your own cnc hobby machine. It is pretty reasonable however, only $15 for the e-book. I can’t attest to it being any good as I haven’t read the e-book yet. Check them out here. (paid)

DIY CNC laser cutter

Instructables – Once again, there is some great stuff to be found on this site. Click here for a great tutorial on how to make a laser cutter for under $50. Definitely something I will have to try one day!

DIY 40W laser cutter – Check out this tutorial on right here. This laser cutter comes in at under $1000.

Buying a Laser Cutting Machine

Universal Laser Systems – These guys have some quality products and machines for your laser cutting. Their site is easy to navigate. From larger products to smaller more desktop applications, this is a great place to start. Check’em out here.

Torchmate – Torchmate have their own range of freestanding laser cutters that are definitely worth checking out. They also allow upgrades between certain machines which is pretty cool. Check’em out here.

Buying vs. DIY

With laser cutters, especially between the 20-50W mark, it might actually be easier and cheaper to just buy one instead making a diy laser cutter. You would be looking at around $2-3k plus to get everything set up in a turnkey manner.

So it really is not that much more expensive to just buy a laser cutter (well yeah double or triple the price), but really only 1-2 grand more. You will also get something a lot more reliable and something that comes with a warranty.

Also its a matter of function. Do you need something with a larger cutting bed, or will you be cutting tougher material? Things such as balsa wood will require a more powerful laser (hint: definitely over 40W). With paper or vinyl stickers, something around the 40W mark should be fine.

Think about software costs for your homemade cnc router. For cheap parts you could do a search for ebay cnc router, or check out Amazon for a range of controllers. For software, this can get expensive. You will probably need great cad/cam and cnc controller software, which can cost more than the actual machine. Check out my previous article on beginner g-code programming for some ideas on programmnig and software

Many of the top software brands such as AutoCAD etc. offer a free trial of some sort. Download and test to see what will suit you and your hobby cnc milling machine.


While making a hobby cnc machine is a great idea with some of the resources above, support is often limited. People who make their own hobby cnc machines should head on over to the forum. There are tons of people there that will be able to give you some great advice. You will probably pick up some resources there and with the help of the above resources on how to really make a cheap cnc machine.

There are a ton of other plans out there for other types of machine, such as a diy cnc plasma or cnc hot wire cutter. I have listed some resources above for making a router or laser cnc milling machine hobby, but be sure to keep on hunting, as there has bound to be someone who has done it before. Good luck!

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There are a ton of different kinds of cad cam milling machine models. A great cad cam milling machine is one that will not only fit your budget, but will live up to the test of time.

The game is always changing, so having a machine that will be able to do what you need it to now as well as 5 years from now is crucial.

So here is my buyers guide to teach you what the best brands are and what the good and bad things are to look out for.

Top cad machine brands

Below are some top brands to start your research for a great cad milling machine:

CNC Masters – These guys have been around since 1990. They have a ton of different cnc machine varieties to choose from. They also have cnc lathe machines too. I also like the fact that they have prices on their site too.

K2 CNC – These guys also have some smaller machines. You can also check them out over at Amazon. The actual K2 site is pretty old school, but definitely worth a look.

Grizzly – Grizzly make a ton of industrial products. Their cnc machines are great. Their 10 x 54 inch 3 axis cnc milling machine is also a popular machine that gets a ton of quality reviews.

Bolton Hardware – Bolton has an industrial grade cnc 3 axis machine that is fairly reasonable in price, at around $12,000 USD.

Microkinetics – I threw this one in as it is a cnc machine that is smaller and can be placed on a desktop. They have a very precise machine that can do over 150 in/min rapids. It is also compatible with newer operating systems and can run on a USB motion controller. They have 3 models worth checking in. The cnc express, cnc express SQ, and the cnc express XL.

Jet – I love to recommend these guys as they have been around a long time and have quality machines. The Jet 690908 cnc vertical milling machine is quality but goes for a heftier price tag at around $27,000. At this price, the Bolton Tools machine is a good option to save some money.

Of course, there are tons of different brands out there. There isn’t one specific machine that is best for everyone, so be sure to check out the different brands to find a machine that will suit your specific design and manufacturing needs the most. It is all about finding the right fit.

Best cad cutting machine technique

To get the best cad cutter machine, you will have to consider the following:

1. What the material is that you will be cutting and the thickness

2. Do you need the material for a model or will it be structural.

Processes like water jet cutting do not have any heat damage, so will retain the integral strength of the material. Laser cutting has great accuracy, but uses heat to cut your plating. Using a regular cnc router to cut your material is cheap, but requires contact on the material with the cutter.

There are trade offs with all the different cutting processes. Each cad cam machine is going to have its own good and bad. I would suggest laser cutting with reinforced glass. Water jet cutting for aluminum plate, router cutting or hot wire cutting with foam, and router cutting for wood.

Remember a great tip is splitting up the project. I have done this a ton in the past and it can save on cost. Sometimes you can split an object up to use a cheaper machine, such as a smaller machine or a 3 axis machine as opposed to a 5 axis cnc machine.

Cad cam machines in other industries

Cad cam machines aren’t just seen in the manufacturing industries. They are used a lot in the medical and dental industries. A cad cam dental milling machine is often used in the dental industry. A dental cad cam milling machine can be used for milling crowns accurately using a 5 axis machine to fit a patient’s mouth perfectly.

Using a cad cut machine in different industries has really been awesome for the manufacture of cool new things. We will see the machine cad stick around for a very long time as it continues to revolutionize a ton of different industries.

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Computer aided manufacturing or CAM for short  is a huge area in terms of manufacturing these days. We see computer aided manufacturing across many different industries. From your every day coffee mug to something much more sophisticated like the motherboard of a computer.

Below is my guide on everything to do with computer aided machining and how it relates to computer aided design (cad) and computer numerically controlled (cnc) machines.

First up, what is Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)? Define Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAM is short for Computer Aided Manufacturing. What that means is that a machine is run with a computer and specialized software. The software will take a cad file and change it into a format or ‘language’ that the computer will be able to understand. So the process normally goes something like this:

1. CAD program to create file

2. CAM program to change file to applicable code, such as G-Code. CAM software can include G Code software too.

3. You may need CNC Controller software. This takes the G code or the Computer Aided Manufacturing software code and makes all the different parts, such as servos move.

Computer Aided Manufacturing Examples

There are tons of different examples out there. Here are some good examples within industries:

1. Electronics Industry – Motherboards in Computers, Computer Screens, USB drives are all computer aided manufacturing products that have come from the process. All that stuff is manufactured using computer help.

2. Auto Industry – Cars are designed using CAD programs and then use CAM software to use the machines that manufacture the final product. Some car factories use a very large scale computer aided manufacturing system to get the job done.

3. Building Industry – The building industry uses a lot of cnc to cut important materials and materials that need to be cut or etched precisely. There are many examples, such as laser cutting glass to water jet cutting aluminum plates. Computer technology is used to create quality and accurate cuts. Nesting technology can also be used to help reduce material use as well.

NOTE: Anything that is mass produced tends to be manufactured with the help of a computer. This is to ensure that everything comes out exactly the same and to avoid defects.

Taking a Computer aided manufacturing course

There are tons of different courses out there that will teach you a lot about manufacturing. I recommend looking at a design or engineering course. These courses normally include having to learn programs in the CAD/CAM specific category. These programs may include SolidWorks, Pro Engineer etc.

If you are looking into being a cnc operator, then it might also pay off to look at programs that convert G Code such as MasterCAM or any of the programs described here.

Advantages of computer aided manufacturing

There are a ton of advantages, I will discuss some below that I feel really make sit worth it:

1. Accuracy – You can make the same thing over and over and always have the same end result. This is really hard to achieve by hand. You can even make products that are a lot more sophisticated and smaller than what you could achieve if you made it by hand, such as cpu’s for computers.

2. Save Time – You will save time. Getting something made with a cnc machine has huge benefits and one of the biggest ones would be time. Hand finishing a part, especially if it something hard like metal, is gonig to take too long. A machine will cut and finish the work a lot faster.

3. Somethings just can’t be done by hand – Take cutting reinforced glass. If you attempt this by hand, then you will probably shatter the glass and you will not get an accurate cut. The best way to do this is with a laser cutting machine.

4. You can preview first – With the development of 3d cad programs and graphics cards, you can now affordably get a rendering first of the job, before it gets made. This can also be used to predict cost and time for manufacture accurately.

5. Wireless feedback – With apps such as AutoCAD’s new app, you can have design drawings quickly be reviewed by someone on the other side of the world and then you can quickly manufacture it. This saves a ton of back and forth.

6. It is becoming a lot cheaper – Computers, netbooks, tablets, smart phone – all that jazz is just getting more and more powerful and a lot cheaper. It no longer is too expensive to buy a computer and retrofit a mill or lathe. The tech is getting a lot cheaper, and with freeware as well as open source software, the reach has gotten a lot broader for many different manufacturers as well as diy manufacturers.

Computer aided design and manufacturing has boomed over the last 20 years or so. I love the process myself and would encourage anyone to explore the possibilities. You can outsource the work to someone locally or overseas too.

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Are you looking at getting the best cnc press brake machine? Well there are a ton of places where you can get a solid cnc press brake that will be able to get the job done.

cnc brake press

Below is my guide on finding the best cnc brake press as well as extra tips on finding the right cnc press brake manufacturer and operator.

Best cnc press brake manufacturers

Kaast – Kaast is available in the U.S. and internationally. Their HPB CNC E 30 / 300 press brake is definitely worth a look for a good cnc press brake machine. The machine has a bend length of 10′ (3100mm) and is 3 axis. Cost usually is $89,900, but they also have a sale price at the time of writing for $74,900 USD for this press brake cnc machine that would be great for a variety of cnc press brake jobs.

Baileigh Industrial – Baileigh Industrial has two cnc versions of its cnc hydraulic press brake that are worth a look. The BP-9078 CNC (max pressure 90 tons) and the BP-12313 CNC (max pressure 123 tons). The full stats are available on their main site. At the time of writing the lower model was around $64,000 compared with the larger cnc brake press which is just under $100,000 USD.

JMT USA – These guys are the largest volume press brake producers in the world. They offer a broad range of sizes and features for a cnc hydraulic press brake that should be able to satisfy many different project requirements. With up to 14+ axis, their machines definitely do almost everything imaginable. Prices are not directly on the site, but it is easy enough to request a quote if need be.

Dafu MT – These guys have some monster cnc press brake machines. They have a big selection too, ranging from 63 to 1600 ton machines.

Amada – An Amada cnc press brake is quality. If you are looking for a cnc brake press machine, then these guys are definitely also worth checking out. Another big player in the industry. Not a huge amount of range with limited press brakes, but still worth a quick look. At the time of writing, only one press brake was on their U.S. site, the HFE 1003 that has a 110 ton capacity.

Xinya – Based in China, these guys have a massive range of cnc press brakes. Even if you can not get it to where you are, they are definitely a good place to look to see just what features may be available in a cnc press brake for different applications, as well as how large they can actually get.

Used cnc press brake for sale

used cnc press brake machine

Kempler Industries – Check out Kempler Industries. These guys have a good range of used cnc press brakes for sale and each ad has a good description.

Sterling Machinery Exchange – These guys also have a solid range of used cnc press brake machines. This way you can save big dollars and even get a good used cnc press brake for just under $20,000 USD.

Repair or Retrofit a press brake

Check out Eurobake. These guys service, repair and retrofit used cnc press brake machines. If that is something you are interested in, check these guys out.

Otherwise you might be better off getting someone who does the same thing, but lives closer to you. They also offer training in the usage of software for cnc programmers and cnc operators.

Also, sometimes it might not be that easy to retrofit an old machine, with some things such as the cnc press brake controller being really expensive. You can always see how much it would cost first, and maybe even consider outsourcing the bending to a cnc operator/company.

Outsource the task

cnc press brake

Go for a place close to you and find out prices. By this I mean search out as many companies as possible. Press brake machines and cnc press brake machines are expensive and vary between different technicians or places that do press brake bending. So you will have to see what they use and how much they will charge for what you want done.

I recommend Ascension industries inc. These guys do some cool stuff. They have brakes that have a 175 ton and 210 ton capability.

There are of course many different cnc brake press jobs out there, so finding the right cnc operator that will be able to do what you need at your budget is important. Do not be afraid to shop around to find the best cnc press brake operator for your project goals.

Whether you choose to retrofit, buy used or new, or outsource to someone who has the right cnc brake press machine, I wish you all the best.

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vertical knee milling machine

The best vertical milling machine can be hard. There are a ton of different vertical milling machine models out there to choose from. Each caters to different manufacturing goals. This article will look at what the best vertical milling machines are and which one would best suit you.

There are many types of vertical milling machines out there, which now can be 3,4,5,6 and even 7 axis. The most common nowadays are 3 and 5 axis milling machines that are controlled by cnc.

Best cnc vertical milling machine

Laser – RMI Laser U-Series Multi-Purpose YV04 Laser Marker. This is a smaller machine for laser marking things like pens or jewelry. I am a big fan of companies where products are made and supported in the U.S. This means you can expect quality workmanship as well as quality support.

This laser engraver features a wavelength of 1064 nm and can mark a whole range of materials including silicon, graphite, ceramics and composites. Check it out here.

Plasma – Go with a Torchmate. They have a solid website with a page that helps you choose what you need according to budget, material, loading material, assembly and size. They have a solid selection, so many that I can’t cover here actually. Go ahead and see them for yourself here.

Regular cnc router – Go with cncmasters. These guys have a solid range of cnc vertical machines of all different types. You should definitely be able to find the right vertical milling machine for sale here. Their cnc supra mill is awesome and is great value. It is a 3 axis cnc mill ready to plug straight into your PC for under $10,000. Now that is solid value.  The machine also comes with a one year warranty. You can check out the 3 axis cnc supra machine here.

Water Jet cnc cutters– Check out wardjet. These guys have a ton of different Waterjet cutters for a whole range of different applications. Many of them even come with 5 axis capabilities. These guys are based in the U.S. too.

Best non-cnc vertical milling machines

vertical milling machine

If you are looking for something that is non-cnc, there are even more options. You will also be looking at different sizes, such as a mini milling machine all the way up to larger industrial sized machines.

I recommend going for a brand that has a good range and starting your research there. Every cnc person has his or her preference. I myself like to start with a well known brand with a good selection and then narrow in from there.

I recommend Jet, Grizzly and Proxxon. Check out some of their best reviewed machines below:


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horizontal milling machine

Are you looking for the best horizontal milling machine? Well look no further, as this article will review and look at the best horizontal milling machine for your milling purposes.

First of all, what is a horizontal milling machine?

There are some big differences between a horizontal and a vertical mill. Well a horizontal mill does still have a bed which has the x-y table. But the cutters are mounted onto a horizontal arbor. You can mount more than one cutter at a time to produce more results, faster. A single spindle machine is called a simplex, while a two spindle machine are called duplex mills.

Best horizontal milling machine for sale (in no particular order)

horizontal milling machine cutters

Well this really all depends on your project needs. I can help you out in terms of what manufacturers to look at. From there, you should be able to find a machine that best suits your machining purposes. Here are the top horizontal milling machine manufacturers:

Sheldons – Solid mills that have a good following due to its quality and ruggedness. Definitely worth checking out if you can find one in great condition.

Burke – Burke mills are old school and are definitely worth a look if you can get your hands on one. They have a few different numbers for their model numbers, for example, the machine may be called a #3 or a #4. There is also good support online through other enthusiasts that also own this machine.

Rockwell – Head on over to the Rockwell Yahoo Group files section (Yahoo Rockwell mill forum right here) for more information on Rockwell horizontal mills.

Brown & Sharp – Also worth a look at, although doesn’t seem like there is a huge community of users online for this manufacturer.

Atlas – Best place to check out for an Atlas horizontal milling machine might be Ebay for this manufacturer. Head on over to their Yahoo group here for more tips and info from other users.

Bridgeport – They have a great website and with a lot of modern machines that you can get new easily. Their horizontal mill is rather large, and offer a 4 axis model range for their horizontal milling machine cutters. Definitely worth a look depending if you need something of that size for a cnc horizontal milling machine.

Cincinnati – These guys are also really old school, founded in 1889. A good Cincinnati horizontal milling machine is a good choice for those who are looking for a good used machine.

Universal – A good Universal horizontal milling machine is definitely worth its weight in gold. There are a ton of different mills from this manufacturer, so check them out if you are looking for variety.

Best small horizontal milling machine

horizontal vertical milling machine

That title would probably best go to the Van Norman 12. This is a solid machine and can do both horizontal and vertical milling. The Nichols horizontal milling machine is also a good option and is even smaller than the Van Norman, so would be a good option for a small horizontal milling machine.

 Tips for buying a used horizontal milling machine

Going used is a great option to save on cash. Of course, there are a few things you should be on the look out for:

1. A trusted seller. Look for a well trusted seller and always try to go through your credit card, as you can do a charge back if something were to go wrong (i.e. your mill never arrives).

2. Make sure to get the model number. That way you can look it up and see what parts you may need. Head on over to the Practical Machinist or forum to see if someone there may have a similar machine. Usually there is and they can point you in the right direction for additional horizontal milling machine parts.

3. Make sure it can be used by you easily. If it is cnc, then you may need to get additional training, which is hard for horizontal milling machine operations that require older software.

4. Shipping and transport costs to get it a machine and horizontal milling machine parts can be a bit of a mission. Because of this, you will have to look local, unless you can get cheap shipping. Also watch out for extra fees like customs fees if importing.

5. Make sure you have the space. A lot of these machines are not mini, so will take up a good sized footprint within your workshop.


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dog tag engraving

Looking to get a dog tag engraving done? Well dog tag engraving is best done with a dog tag engraving machine. Using a machine improves accuracy and lets you see what you will get before engraving.

Below is my guide for getting the best dog tag necklace engraving including where to find the best dog tag engraving machines for the job.

How to get the best dog tag engraving for men and women

1. First up, you will need to plan what you are going to have engraved. This could be an image or some writing.

2. You will need to find a reputable engraver. Make sure she or he has a cnc dog tag engraving machine.

A cnc machine means it is controlled by a computer, which means you should be able to see the design before it gets engraved, and it also means you will get an accurate engraving when it gets put onto your dog tag.

A cnc machine will be able to do a dog tag picture engraving as well as engrave regular words.

3. Make sure you see examples of previous work to see what you will be getting. If the font or engraving depth is different, make sure you see an example of this first. Great engravers will have plenty of examples to show you.

4. Popular engravers normally have a bit of a wait, because they have orders backed up. Make sure you get in early to avoid long waits.

dog tag necklace engraving

5. Specify a pick up time and date. Agree upon something that is doable and at a time that will not get delayed. Also have the price resolved at the beginning. That way there will be no arguments or misunderstandings on the due date/time as well as the payment.

6. Sometimes engravers run late on deadlines or ask for more money. Make sure they can do the job properly and on time for the price agreed on or go elsewhere.

The best dog tag engraving machines

I’m going to recommend a few good brands, and you can drill down to see what machine best suits your purposes. Remember that every machine is different.

Trotec – These guys have a good range of laser Co2 laser engravers that will do a great job. They are based in North America too. They range from a 24” x 12” working area to much larger (although anything too big would be overkill for just engraving dog tags). – These guys have specialized laser engravers for reasonable prices. They have a good selection of engraving machines that will be able to etch things like signs and glass too, if you want something that will do a range of other things. – also has a good selection of dog tag engraving machines. They also have a used section as well.

dog tag engravings

Epilog – These guys are one of my favorites. They have an extensive range of machines including laser etching and engraving machines which would be perfect for dog tags. Check their selection out as it is pretty big.

Goscribe – These guys have one machine that is nice and small and does dog tags as well as pet tags. They also do global shipping and their single machine is less than $3000.

The GoScribe site is definitely worth a look, as this machine will be perfect for just engraving dog tags or other smaller tags.

Well there you have it, details on how to get a great engraving my top places to find dog tag engraving machines. Good luck and I hope you get that great engraving you have been looking for.

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There are many different mini milling machine models out there. From regular types of mini milling machine to specialised cnc mini milling machine models, there is a lot out there to choose from.

Below I will talk about what the best types of mni milling machines are, where you can get them, and also how to go about getting a great project done outsourcing instead of buying a machine.

What is a mini milling machine?

A mini milling machine is a standard milling machine but a lot smaller. A mini milling machine is small enough to fit onto a desktop and because of this, can be stowed away very easily. It can be used for precision milling and milling of things such as handles and grips.

The down side to mini milling machines is that they cannot mill larger things and they tend to vibrate a lot more than heavier, industrial sized machines. It’s a give and take situation.

What are the best mini milling machines?

Grizzly – Grizzly has been around a while and provide some top quality mini milling machines. They have a huge selection and a solid customer base. Check out some of the models that I recommend below:

Shop Fox – I like Shop Fox because of their cool name, but they also have competitive mini milling machines. Here are the best of the lot:

Jet – Jet has a solid range of mills and lathes. They are a trusted brand and I would say buy a Jet product any day of the week. Check them out:

Proxxon – These guys have a solid range and have always been my wild card. I’ve had lots of satisfied people that have bought them from my recommendation. So give them a look to see if anything takes your fancy:

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cnc lathe machine large

Lathes have gotten a lot more sophisticated these days. The best cnc lathe machine options out there are the ones that fulfil your design and manufacturing goals. Below is a guide on how to choose the best cnc lathe machine for your goals

What is a cnc lathe machine?

A cnc lathe machine is a lathe that uses a cnc (computer numerically controlled) system to control the lathe. So the lathe is pretty much run by a computer.

All you need to do is create your project in 3d using a cad (computer aided design) program. Then export that file and import it into a cam (computer aided manufacturing) program. This will then translate it into a ‘language’ that the machine will recognize and will do the rest for you on the cnc machine lathe.

Best Lathe cnc machine

Sherline mini lathe

Mini lathes – Definitely go with Sherline. These guys are based in the U.S. and have been around since way before I was even born. Their mini cnc lathes come in a full package, so include the lathes, chucks, accessories and computer. This is a great choice for someone who wants to get all the parts all together with the least amount of hassle.

Check out this page from Sherline for their range of different types of mini cnc lathe machine. The website has a good faq that will allow you to see what their mini lathes for cnc can or can not do. For example, they woon’t cut threads without other accessories.

Regular sized lathes – Check out CNC Masters here.  They have a few solid types of cnc turning lathe machine that you can choose from. They have pretty reasonable priced machines that start at under $10,000 USD. Their CNC 1340 Turning Center lathe can be used as both a cnc lathe milling machine as well as a manual lathe, so you do not need to cnc program for shorter runs.

Cnc lathe machine operator and Cnc lathe machine programming

Cnc operator jobs are becoming more and more in high demand and the standard cnc operator salary has gone up due to the niche. If you have experience with cad/cam and cnc programming, then you could earn between $30-70,000 USD a year from the job postings that I have seen. Check out our cnc operator salary guide.

Cnc lathe machine parts

cnc machine lathe

For standard lathes and lathe parts, check out some of the top brands such as Jet, Shop Fox or Grizzly.

For more standardized cnc parts, I would recommend going to the manufacturer whose machine that you have. Parts may include spindles, tool holders and cutters, but this all depends on the machine and brand that you have.

Cnc vertical lathe machine

Youji, Femco and KaastYouji is based in China has a massive range of cnc vertical lathe machines that you could consider. Obviously, if you are in the U.S., then this may be a little hard. I would recommend for you readers out in the U.S. to check out Femco as well as Kaast which both have a couple of larger scale cnc vertical lathes that you can look at as a good starting point.

The above three cnc lathe machine manufacturer directions are a good way to see what is out there. Obviously, with larger scale machines, the price is going to go up. This may mean outsourcing certain jobs if you do not need the machine much.

Save on cnc lathe machine prices by buying a used cnc machine

cnc lathe machine

Buying a used cnc lathe machine is a great option to save some money. You may be able to pick up an older lathe and retrofit it, or you may be able to buy an older cnc wood lathe machine that will help you achieve the same goals as a new one.

Obviously things like wear and tear as well as the lack of a warranty are some of the downsides. But if you are diy person, these challenges alongside online help forums should be able to help you out. The cnc community is a very helpful group online, especially the members on or the popular machinist forum. Good luck!

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So you are on the market for used cnc milling machines for sale? Well there are a ton of places where you can go and get a great deal and hopefully find that awesome used cnc milling machine for your workshop.

Here are the best places to get used cnc milling machines for sale. Check them out:

In no particular order:

used cnc machines

1. K.D. Capital – Always a large selection here with used cnc machines for sale of all types for industrial applications. They also have a handy online page that will get them to help you find a certain type of machine if they do not have it. That is super handy.

2. jspetersmach is a good place to check out, but do not have an online catalogue. You will have to call them to see what used cnc milling machines that they broker.

3. Perfection Machinery – These guys have a massive selection in so many categories I can not count. Definitely worth a visit to their site to see what they have on hand. The site is well organized and easily navigated to find certain categories that may interest you.

They also have toll free US and Canadian support through their hotline. They also have an international number, but that one costs.

4. MMI Auction – These guys always have at least a small selection of different cnc machines, used cnc turning machines, mills and lathes and a whole bunch of other machinery available for auction. Worth a look to see if you can get a deal here for sure.

A lot of the machines do have a reserve, so you will get a good deal, just not something that is too super cheap (which usually happens with no reserve auctions).

5. – These guys have a solid range of different cnc machines too, and categorize them all in a spreadsheet-like format, so at a glance you can see details like the model, year, key dimensions, and price. Also definitely worth a check to see if they may have anything you may want.

6. ReSell CNC – These guys have a solid selection of used cnc router machines. To see prices, you do have to click through a few pages and then you have to fill in a form with email, phone and name details. A lot of work just to see one price, which is why this site isn’t as good as the others.

7. Machine Tools – An absolutely mega site filled with a ton of different listings for used as well as wanted listings. From used cnc grinding machines to used cnc lathe machines for sale his is definitely the place to go and check out if you are on the hunt for a good machine.

I like the fact that they even have used cnc plasma machines here too. They also list where the cnc used machines are, so you can get one that is local to you. They also have auctions as well.