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There aren’t too many options out there for cnc plasma kits. The focus seems to be on 3d printing, regular cnc routers and waterjet. However we’ve done a bit of a dig through to see what options are out there that you can explore when it comes to actually buying the parts required for a cnc plasma set-up, including the table, plasma cutter, and gantry.

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cnc plasma cutter router

Looking to learn how to build a cnc plasma cutter? Have you been looking at building your own cnc plasma cutter? Well below I will go over how to build a great cnc plasma cutter including places where you can get great cnc plasma cutter plans from.

If you want to buy instead of making a diy cnc plasma cutter

There are a few places that I would recommend if you want to make the purchase instead of going the diy route:

Dynatorch: These guys have a good trange of small and large cnc ploasma cutter machines. They have smaller 4×4 and 4×8 ft tables as well as larger 5×10 or 6×10 ft machines AND custom machine sizes! (up to 40 feet). Dynatorch also has a ton of software options including their own cnc software and nesting program (called Sheet CAM).

Torchmate:  Torchmate have affordable cnc plasma cutters as well as plasma cutting tables. You will find brand new machines going direct to their website. You will be looking at a price starting from $4,000 to $30,000 USD.

I prefer smaller machines myself, this is where Torchmate has a solid variety – table sizes range from 2′ x 2′ to 10′ x 40′. Before bombarding you with diy options, I highly suggest looking into Torchmate as a good alternative for people who want to avoid the fuss involved with building their own cnc plasma cutter.

Outsourcing your cnc plasma work

There are a ton of places where you can outsource your cnc plasma work. If you have a smaller project that could use a small cnc plasma cutter – you can use the recommendations I have recommended here and here.

For something larger you will have to look locally. Use the recommendations outlined in the links above as there are many factors to getting a successful cnc project going. Things like tolerances, file somplexity and lead time can greatly affect a project.

For those looking to go the homemade cnc plasma cutter route:

Check out some of these posts:

pirate4x4 – Forum member built home plasma cnc machine with pics.

Everlast Generators – Forum member built home cnc plasma cutter table with pics.

Unfortunately there just aren’t a ton of free cnc plasma cutter plans out there. So I would suggest that you either buy a used cnc plasma cutter where you hopefully will get a cheap cnc plasma cutter for sale.

Ultimately I recommend just buying a cnc plasma cutter machine or an actual cnc plasma cutter kit due to the complexities of gas pipes, keeping things clean and the possibility of a water table over a conventional cutting table.

For people looking for a hobby cnc plasma cutter – there isn’t a huge amount of info out there and trust me I’ve had a good hunt around.

With people looking to outsource their work to a cnc operator or those looking for the best cnc plasma cutter – you have a ton of options out there (I’d say start with the cnc plasma cutter manufacturers recommended and go from there). Good Luck!

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Are you looking for a great cnc plasma kit? Well look no further as we have gathered the best cnc plasma kits to review below:

The best cnc plasma table kit – Where to buy

cnc plasma table kit

There are so many different kits out there to choose from. I recommend heading over to the following places (In no particular order):

1.) Motiontek – These guys have a wide range of different parts and pieces based in Canada. From your average stepper drivers and motors to other things such as a cnc plasma cutter and table kit.

Motiontek offers a flat shipping rate to both Canada and USA.

2.) CamCutCNC – These guys don’t carry a lot, but they do carry cnc plasma kits. They offer the following: plasma controllers, an optional Z axis, and kit components.

Contact them for more details on what they offer. They have pricing right on their website here.

3.) ProCutCNC – This US based company (their slogan says ‘made in the USA’). These guys have been around since 2003 and offer a wide range of gantry, table and motor kits as well as electronics and software to support a new plasma machine. Their prices are also very reasonable too.

4.) LowCostCNCKits – These guys focus only on kits and offer some very low cost cnc plasma cutter kits. Their 4×4 cnc plasma cutting table goes for $8,100, while their 4×8 cnc plasma cutting table goes for $9,700 USD. Both these are worth checking out while on your hunt for the perfect plasma cnc kit.

5.) EaglePlasma – These guys also have a few table, gantry and full kits available. Prices range from $3-5,000 USD plus shipping for their full cnc plasma gantrykit with a table.

cnc plasma kit

Their payment area is straight forward and they have a no-nonsense website so you can see pictures along with prices straight away.

I’m not sure why a lot of sites don’t have pricing straight away, I believe it is to upsell you when you call most of the time. I like this site because of it’s transparency.

Their kits also come with software that you may need. Depending on the model, you may get Mach3, Sheetcam or Qcad software.

6.) EZCutCNC – EZ Cut CNC offers a solid range of heavy duty industrial cnc plasma tables. They offer a full service where they come on-site and install as well as provide system training and unlimited technical support by phone and email.

Their most popular table sizes are the 6′ x 10′, 5′ x 10′ and 4′ x 8′. They also do a smaller 4′ x 4′ among other models. They offer both a Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter as options with differing amps.

7.)  Stepperonline through Amazon – In terms of merchants, Stepperonline on Amazon is a good choice to go to for your stepper motors and drivers for your plasma cnc build, they’re an easy go to for high torque Nema motors.

Refurbished CNC plasma tables

You could also look at used or refurbished cnc plasma tables, which you can find here or on eBay.


For changing your files into cnc machinable g-code, there are both free and paid options out there. For paid, I highly recommend Mach software. Their latest Mach 4 is an easy to use piece of software well worth the price. For free versions, check out ReplicatorG, CAMotics, and Probotix as great open source options.

Things to Remember

cnc plasma cutter kit

Remember that your personal or commercial cnc plasma cutter can be an expensive investment, so it is wise to have a good look around using some of the resources above to help find the best plasma kit for your needs.

Other factors to consider that may end up adding to the total cost are things like deliver, maintenance, tax and software upfront as well as software upgrades. You will also have to consider training as well if it is a new machine and comes with unfamiliar software.

Be on the look out not only online, but there may be local dealers that may be able to demo machines for you.

Also look for things such as a solid warranty, service and support. Anything could happen with a new machine or even a refurbished one. If you aren’t one to fix things technically, then having that warranty will prove priceless if a machine fails during an important job.

We have a ton of other articles on this site to help you out, so be sure to have more of a look around.