CNC Mill Kit – Making the Conversion or retrofit for your Mill

CNC Mill Kit – Making the Conversion or retrofit for your Mill

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Are you looking at getting a great cnc mill kit? There are many different kinds of cnc mill kit brands out there. Below is my guide on how to get a great kit for your cnc machine.

Top Cnc Mill Kits

cnc mill kit

There are a ton of different places out there that sell cnc mill kits. Here are some of my top places to check out. I had a bit of a hunt around to see what was best and what each place has to offer. In no particular order:

Cnc Fusion – Cnc Fusion has a solid amount of products that will change your mill into a solid cnc mill. They have some solid kits to convert to a mini mill cnc styles.

Ebay – Yeah I know, super cliche. But for cnc parts that are as random as you are going to get, Ebay is a great place to start looking. People have all sorts here. I saw a great cnc mill kit for a 3 axis machine for just under $300. That is pretty good value.

Micro Kinetics – Micro Kinetics has some cnc conversion kits that are great for the diy person. There is no complicated wiring or soldering, just bolt on the hardware and plug in cables. They even provide the sofwtare to install too. So I think this is probably the best way to go. Definitely worth checking out.

Sherline – Sherline do some great mills for smaller applications. They also do some solid retrofit cnc mill kits. Their 8770 cnc mill retrofit kit comes in at $805 and comes with stepper motor mounts already installed. For this kit however you will need to provide your own comp/monitor/cnc software. The later being pricey.

Ajax CNC – These guys have some good retrofit packages that are worth considering for a good cnc mill conversion kit.

Of course, there are a ton of different mills that can be retrofitted. So I suggest having a look into some of the top brands/ suppliers I have mentioned above and then go from there.

DIY cnc mill kit

Going the diy route for people with cnc machines seems to be the popular thing to do. Unfortunately there aren’t too many solid options out there in terms of a diy mini mill cnc conversion kit. Here is a great article on a ton of different diy cnc kits: check it out here.

Remember that the diy route can be a fun route for smaller kits such as a mini mill cnc kit. Other mills are more suited for just buying an actual product that can be retrofitted on. Make sure you do the research first to see which mini  cnc conversion kit will be the best for your particular mill or lathe.

Good luck in finding the best cnc mini mill kit or retrofit kit for your needs!


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