CNC Plasma Cutter Kits – Our Recommendations

CNC Plasma Cutter Kits – Our Recommendations

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There aren’t too many options out there for cnc plasma kits. The focus seems to be on 3d printing, regular cnc routers and waterjet. However we’ve done a bit of a dig through to see what options are out there that you can explore when it comes to actually buying the parts required for a cnc plasma set-up, including the table, plasma cutter, and gantry.

Precision Plasma

Precision Plasma cnc

Based in the US Precision Plasma focuses on cnc plasma tables and low cost cnc gantry kits for the DIY individual. This is a great option if you are based in the US, as they don’t do International sales. In terms of pricing you can get a 5×10 heavy duty table for a cost between $6-$7,000. Gantry pricing is in the $2000 range.



Torchmate has been a go to for cnc plasma kits for more than 30 years now. They feature great support and also have a convetional vs HD line of plasma cutting systems. We’d recommend a conventinal plasma cutter for more home garage type applications wheereas an HD cutter will provide minimal dross for large, more demanding projects. The HD line is more the industrial line enabling you to run the machine around the clock (24 hrs non-stop).

Their conventional cnc plasma kits start with the Tomahawk Powermax 65, 85, 101 and 125. The High Definithion Spitit II plasma series has the 150, 275 and the mighty 400. The numbers donate the maximum amount of process amps. The thickness and type of the material you use will determine the type of machine you need. What we also like about Torchmate is that there is a strong community of users out there and there is lifetime tech support.


Everlast make great plasma cutters. The above is an Everlast 60c plasma cutter with a Torchmate 2×2 cnc plasma table kit.  We highly recommend the Powerplasma 60s from Everlast. You get 60 amps of pr cutting power and a cnc port perfect for connecting to a plasma table and a cnc plasma gantry kit.

Price on Amazon for the Everlast is just a tad over $!000 which is great value, especially compared to the Hypertherm Powermax 65 which is approximately 2-3x the price. Also the consumables are non-proprietary, meaning you can get consumables from other suppliers and ebay.


Hypotherm is a solid option that also connects up with Torchmate’s plasma table kits. The Hypotherm 65 is a great go-to when it comes to cnc plasma cutting. It is pricier than the Everlast, however there are lots of satisfied users out there and the cutting power is amazing, able to cut through a max thickness of 1″, which should easily suffice for most home usages, as well as in a pro workshop.

Pro Cut cnc

Pro Cut cnc gantry
If you’re looking for a good plasma gantry kit, then Pro Cut cnc is also an option in terms of the whole necessities for cnc plasma cutting. Their heavy duty 4’x8′ cnc gantry comes out at just over $3000. They also have a ton of table options starting at just over $2500. All their tables are bolt together for easy transportation, and come as large as 5′ x 10′ for large plasma cutting projects like multiple parts nested on one sheet of aluminum.

Thermal Dynamics

Thermal Dynamics cnc plasma cutter

Thermal Dynamics’s Cutmaster series are a great option for cnc plasma cutting. The PAK 200i is a 200 amp beast that will be great for commercial use, while the PCH 42 is great for the giy home garage set-up.

One of the advantages to researching Thermal Dynamics is that hey have all the documentation in pdf format for every model on their website, so you can really dig into specs like min/max outputs and size before making a commitment to purchase.

What’s in your current cnc plasma set-up?