CNC Press Brake Machine Guide

CNC Press Brake Machine Guide

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Are you looking at getting the best cnc press brake machine? Well there are a ton of places where you can get a solid cnc press brake that will be able to get the job done.

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Below is my guide on finding the best cnc brake press as well as extra tips on finding the right cnc press brake manufacturer and operator.

Best cnc press brake manufacturers

Kaast – Kaast is available in the U.S. and internationally. Their HPB CNC E 30 / 300 press brake is definitely worth a look for a good cnc press brake machine. The machine has a bend length of 10′ (3100mm) and is 3 axis. Cost usually is $89,900, but they also have a sale price at the time of writing for $74,900 USD for this press brake cnc machine that would be great for a variety of cnc press brake jobs.

Baileigh Industrial – Baileigh Industrial has two cnc versions of its cnc hydraulic press brake that are worth a look. The BP-9078 CNC (max pressure 90 tons) and the BP-12313 CNC (max pressure 123 tons). The full stats are available on their main site. At the time of writing the lower model was around $64,000 compared with the larger cnc brake press which is just under $100,000 USD.

JMT USA – These guys are the largest volume press brake producers in the world. They offer a broad range of sizes and features for a cnc hydraulic press brake that should be able to satisfy many different project requirements. With up to 14+ axis, their machines definitely do almost everything imaginable. Prices are not directly on the site, but it is easy enough to request a quote if need be.

Dafu MT – These guys have some monster cnc press brake machines. They have a big selection too, ranging from 63 to 1600 ton machines.

Amada – An Amada cnc press brake is quality. If you are looking for a cnc brake press machine, then these guys are definitely also worth checking out. Another big player in the industry. Not a huge amount of range with limited press brakes, but still worth a quick look. At the time of writing, only one press brake was on their U.S. site, the HFE 1003 that has a 110 ton capacity.

Xinya – Based in China, these guys have a massive range of cnc press brakes. Even if you can not get it to where you are, they are definitely a good place to look to see just what features may be available in a cnc press brake for different applications, as well as how large they can actually get.

Used cnc press brake for sale

used cnc press brake machine

Kempler Industries – Check out Kempler Industries. These guys have a good range of used cnc press brakes for sale and each ad has a good description.

Sterling Machinery Exchange – These guys also have a solid range of used cnc press brake machines. This way you can save big dollars and even get a good used cnc press brake for just under $20,000 USD.

Repair or Retrofit a press brake

Check out Eurobake. These guys service, repair and retrofit used cnc press brake machines. If that is something you are interested in, check these guys out.

Otherwise you might be better off getting someone who does the same thing, but lives closer to you. They also offer training in the usage of software for cnc programmers and cnc operators.

Also, sometimes it might not be that easy to retrofit an old machine, with some things such as the cnc press brake controller being really expensive. You can always see how much it would cost first, and maybe even consider outsourcing the bending to a cnc operator/company.

Outsource the task

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Go for a place close to you and find out prices. By this I mean search out as many companies as possible. Press brake machines and cnc press brake machines are expensive and vary between different technicians or places that do press brake bending. So you will have to see what they use and how much they will charge for what you want done.

I recommend Ascension industries inc. These guys do some cool stuff. They have brakes that have a 175 ton and 210 ton capability.

There are of course many different cnc brake press jobs out there, so finding the right cnc operator that will be able to do what you need at your budget is important. Do not be afraid to shop around to find the best cnc press brake operator for your project goals.

Whether you choose to retrofit, buy used or new, or outsource to someone who has the right cnc brake press machine, I wish you all the best.


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