CNC Router Parts Info for Your CNC Machine

CNC Router Parts Info for Your CNC Machine

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Are you looking for some quality cnc router parts?

Well getting the right cnc router parts for your cnc machine is highly important to the smooth running of your machine and to the success of your project.

Below are some of the different parts that you may need for your machine and what you should be looking for.

Parallel port cable – Generally a male to male cable should suffice, but it depends on your computer. Sometimes you may need a male to female connector. Check for the amount of pins you may need. A 25 pin cable is standard. This connects your PC to your cnc machine. Make sure you have enough length (I’d go a little extra, just in case).

Stepper motors – Some of these motors require soldering. You can get stepper motors that are plug and play. Check power and torque to see i fit will suit your cnc machine.

Power supply – One of the most important aspects for your machine. Make sure you get enough power to operate the different aspects of your machine. Remember that the more motors you have, the higher the power supply you will need. The total wattage depends on your cutting loads and whether or not you may be doing high speed rapids and other power intensive production methods.

CNC Motor cables – Make sure you have good cables running to your cnc motor. A higher quality cable is going to last longer and reduce the risk of the cable itself getting damaged. Some of the better cables have rigid PVC jackets to help them bend better.

Emergency stop – Not much to say here, but a necessity for a lot of machines.

Limit switches – Mechanical lever arm limit / homing switches have both normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) contacts. You will need to choose which one best suits your cnc machine.

Enclosure – Depending on the type of cnc machine you have, you may want an enclosure to stop pieces of material from flying out and hitting you. This also helps keep the mess down.

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Tooling parts – Making sure that different tooling parts which suit the job at hand are used. There is a huge range of different tooling options for a variety of different things. For large blocking out of material, you will need a different tool compared to doing smaller engraving or etching jobs.

DIY cnc router parts – Homemade cnc router parts are common for the diy crowd. Some of the parts I mentioned above cater to the hobby and diy crowd. I suggest doing a bit of research on the parts above to see what parts suit your machine the best. Many builders are building their own laser, plasma, cnc and hot wire foam cutters.

Cnc router parts for sale

There are many different places where you can get cnc router parts for sale. I highly recommend Amazon for common parts if possible (their return policy and reviews make them an awesome place to shop). is also a good choice for the diy cnc machine builder. They also have smaller parts for those with a mini cnc milling machine. also has a ton of cnc router parts, machines and tooling for sale. They also stock a lot of Onsrud cutter cnc router bits.



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