CNC Spindle Guide – Top CNC Spindle Motors

CNC Spindle Guide – Top CNC Spindle Motors

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Are you looking to get a great cnc spindle? Well I have written a comprehensive guide below to help you choose the best cnc spindle for your cnc machine.

Read on to find a great cnc spindle motor:

Alright, so there are a ton of different options out there. It really depends on the type of motor/router that you have. Let’s look at some of the top brands out there that offer a solid selection:

Cnc router parts – Cnc router parts has a ton of smaller parts including controllers and spindle motors for you to check out. – These guys have a good selection of different cnc spindles. Easy to buy and pay through Paypal make them a great choice. They also have the specs alongside each product. You can even buy ATC spindles there too.

Ekstrom Carlson – These guys have a solid range of spindles too. They have spindles for drill/boring/arbo/block/cartridge. They even customize the heads to your specific configuration.

Micromech – These guys have a good handful of solutions when it comes to cnc spindles. Worth a look for sure.

Ebay – Often under-utilized in this industry, there is still a lot of option to buy parts from Ebay. Spindles are smaller, so shipping will be pretty reasonable. The problem here is that a good half of the sellers do not accept returns, while the other half do.

Best to have a close look at each listing and pair the right cnc milling spindle with your milling machine or cnc lathe spindle with your twin spindle cnc lathe before buying. Also, buy off sellers where you can return stuff.

What you should look for when hunting for the perfect cnc router spindle

There are a ton of different spindle parts out there. Here are the 3 most common:

Incline Spindle – This spindle is directly coupled to the inline cnc spindle motor. These types of spindles can get up to 30,000 rpm.

Machine Tool Spindle – This component helps hold the cutting tools that are used to shape a work piece. Most cnc machine centers use a cartridge spindle style. This is probably the most common spindle out there and is usually the standard.

High Speed Spindle – Usually belt driven, this refers to a cnc router spindle that operates faster than 10,000 rpm.

Cnc Spindle Repair

Check out some of the places below for cnc spindle repair: – These guys know their seo and picked an exact match domain, but are really called Motor City machine tool They specialize in repairs for cnc machine tools such as VMCs, HMCs, grinding machines and turning centers. They are based in Royal Oak, MI.

Centerline Inc – This company also does spindle repair. Based in Ponca City, OK.

Northland Tool – These guys can fix a ton of different multi spindle cnc for different machines. Based in Weare, NH.

Elkstrom Carlson – These guys also repair a ton of different kinds of cnc mill spindle types.They even manufacture their own designs of cnc machine spindle. Definitely worth a look here. Based in Rockford, IL.

Setco – Setco offers expert spindle repair,  rebuild and retrofitting services for your cnc spindle mount or cnc spindle motors.

DIY Cnc Spindle

Making a diy spindle for cnc is a cost effective way of doing things. The problem is efficiency and how well it will work in your machine. There aren’t really many tutorials out there, so I recommend for the cnc router spindle motor, just splash out and get the right one for the job. There are other ways to save on money, such as cnc software and cnc operator training.

Good luck with getting the right cnc motor spindle for your needs!


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