CNC Wood Lathe Machine Review – Which One to Buy

CNC Wood Lathe Machine Review – Which One to Buy

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There are a ton of different cnc wood lathe machines out there. So which one do you choose? Today I look at the HUGE range of different brands, manufacturers and wood lathe models out there and give you a full cnc wood lathe review so you will know which one best suits you. These are the cnc lathes that I recommend:

Intorex – These guys have a solid line of industrial strength cnc lathes and sanders. Their CNX is fully automatic equipped with a 3 axis+ head drive.

This lathe has a solid heavy duty cast iron frame – which is great for keeping jobs stable (reduction in vibration with a heavier fame). As with a lot of cnc wood lathe purchase.

Intorex’s LNX-1500 is one of their top machines. This cnc wood lathe is a beast – with 7 spindles! This machine is great for multitasking and knocking out those larger jobs, but the cnc wood lathe can also be fitted with a steady to avoid vibrations when working on thin and long pieces.

Techno Inc. – This is a good option for people who are looking for a smaller tabletop cnc wood lathe for sale. Techno offer fully enclosed drive mechanisms for their wood cnc lathe (polycarbonate shield).

CNC Auto-Motion – These guys have a solid lathe – Motioncat cnc lathe. This a 2 axis wood lathe cnc – the Motioncat TC650E also comes with cnc software to convert to G code for lathe work. There is also a flip up safety guard as well as a dust extraction hood, so your project stays contained.


Talon cnc lathe – The Talon cnc 1315 wood lathe cnc is a great pick. This lathe has a cast iron base to make sure the lathe stays rigid. This industrial grade cnc wood turning lathe comes with an enclosure as well as a 3 hp spindle drive with encoder. This machine is a game changer and one I definitely recommend looking into.

Woodwrite Model 462 – The Model 462 is a great alternative for people that want a cnc mini wood lathe as opposed to a larger 5 axis standalone desktop. This definitely qualifies as a mini lathe cnc machine with an overall length of 29″ x 16″ and only a weight of 22 lbs or 14 kgs.

Mori Seiki – NLX and NL series for a rigid and precise cnc lathe. Mori Seiki also has other higher level lathes, such as vertical and 2 axis cnc lathes.

There are a ton of options here between the different systems. I say start with the NLX and NL series. Step up to the DuraTurn or higher series for a 2-axis cnc wood lathe machine.

For the DIYer out there, here are some cnc wood lathe plans:

Router lathe build from over at here. This is one of the coolest diy wood lathes I have seen with a solid plan on how to build it too, using mdf/ custom wood as the frame as well as the other parts – spindle etc.

Build Your Own CNC Machine (Technology in Action) – This is a great book and one we recommend on our ‘must have’ book list here. This is a great book that offers guidance in making a cnc machine as well as common frequently asked questions for using and maintaining a cnc machine after you have built it. Be aware – this book is for a diy cnc router and not a cnc lathe machine.

Also check out our other article on finding the best wood lathe machine for turning here.


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