Coolest Homemade CNC Machines

Coolest Homemade CNC Machines

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Are you looking at building your own homemade cnc machine? Well check out our picks for the BEST homemade cnc milling machines (to follow after our recommendations for places to get plans):

Here are our recommendations for homemade cnc machine plans:

Build Your Own CNC Machine (Technology in Action) – This is my favorite book for making a cnc machine. It’s a fairly cheap book that has a solid plan for making a cnc router at home. The book even goes into how you use the cnc machine after its been made and how to document your CAD/CAM work.

Downloadable cnc router plan – Homemade cnc milling machine plan that you can download. It was a Kickstarter project and you can even buy the laser cut parts already – so you can put it together easily. The instructions give you a step-by-step on how to build everything, as well as the DXF files, so you can laser cut the parts yourself (great option!)

BuildYourCNC – This is a cool little website that has a great guide for building a cnc router – there are 36 lessons that have detailed pictures to help you build a cnc machine (I love free instructions!) from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a free homemade cnc machine plan for a cnc router – this is probably one of the best resources on the Internet.

Instructables cnc plan – Instructables has a few really good step-by-step guides. What I love about this particular guide is the amount of open communication with other members that have shared their experiences/ their own ideas for building a diy bench top cnc machine.

You will also get a ton of tips from users who have finished building the machine and are currently running the machine – this is very valuable information that you may no necessarily get with other cnc machine plans.

CNC router courses – CNC router plans  for a homemade cnc machine can be tough to find, but this site is a solid go-to for many in the diy cnc router community. The cnc router pans here are very detailed and comes with the right dimensions on all the different parts. Main construction materials: mdf/ wood/ custom wood

Large 3 axis cnc machine – If you are looking for a large 3 axis cnc machine as opposed to a benchtop or a homemade 5 axis cnc machine. This 3 axis machine has a large bed – so perfect for someone that wants something larger.

Main material is MDF/ custom wood. Expected cost around $1200 – $1800 USD to build this cnc machine homemade router.

 Tweakie CNC – Homemade cnc milling machine plans for a smaller benchtop router. This is also great for people that want a steel/ aluminum frame for their cnc router. Check it out!

Now, here are the coolest homemade cnc machines that we’ve found – some of these vids are just plain cool (so may not necessarily have a specific model number):

Let us know what your favorite cnc machines are below!


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