Dog Tag Engraving with a Machine

Dog Tag Engraving with a Machine

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dog tag engraving

Looking to get a dog tag engraving done? Well dog tag engraving is best done with a dog tag engraving machine. Using a machine improves accuracy and lets you see what you will get before engraving.

Below is my guide for getting the best dog tag necklace engraving including where to find the best dog tag engraving machines for the job.

How to get the best dog tag engraving for men and women

1. First up, you will need to plan what you are going to have engraved. This could be an image or some writing.

2. You will need to find a reputable engraver. Make sure she or he has a cnc dog tag engraving machine.

A cnc machine means it is controlled by a computer, which means you should be able to see the design before it gets engraved, and it also means you will get an accurate engraving when it gets put onto your dog tag.

A cnc machine will be able to do a dog tag picture engraving as well as engrave regular words.

3. Make sure you see examples of previous work to see what you will be getting. If the font or engraving depth is different, make sure you see an example of this first. Great engravers will have plenty of examples to show you.

4. Popular engravers normally have a bit of a wait, because they have orders backed up. Make sure you get in early to avoid long waits.

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5. Specify a pick up time and date. Agree upon something that is doable and at a time that will not get delayed. Also have the price resolved at the beginning. That way there will be no arguments or misunderstandings on the due date/time as well as the payment.

6. Sometimes engravers run late on deadlines or ask for more money. Make sure they can do the job properly and on time for the price agreed on or go elsewhere.

The best dog tag engraving machines

I’m going to recommend a few good brands, and you can drill down to see what machine best suits your purposes. Remember that every machine is different.

Trotec – These guys have a good range of laser Co2 laser engravers that will do a great job. They are based in North America too. They range from a 24” x 12” working area to much larger (although anything too big would be overkill for just engraving dog tags). – These guys have specialized laser engravers for reasonable prices. They have a good selection of engraving machines that will be able to etch things like signs and glass too, if you want something that will do a range of other things. – also has a good selection of dog tag engraving machines. They also have a used section as well.

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Epilog – These guys are one of my favorites. They have an extensive range of machines including laser etching and engraving machines which would be perfect for dog tags. Check their selection out as it is pretty big.

Goscribe – These guys have one machine that is nice and small and does dog tags as well as pet tags. They also do global shipping and their single machine is less than $3000.

The GoScribe site is definitely worth a look, as this machine will be perfect for just engraving dog tags or other smaller tags.

Well there you have it, details on how to get a great engraving my top places to find dog tag engraving machines. Good luck and I hope you get that great engraving you have been looking for.


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