Getting the Best Crystal Etching with a 3D Laser Crystal Engraving Machine

Getting the Best Crystal Etching with a 3D Laser Crystal Engraving Machine

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3d laser crystal etching machine

Getting an amazing 3d laser crystal engraving can be a beautiful thing. You are going to have to make sure you find the right person who can do the 3d laser crystal engraving for you. The best way to get a great 3d laser crystal engraving done is with the right 3d laser crystal machine.

I’m going to talk about the best engraving machines for your crystal as well as some other info that will be handy for you.

Top 3d laser crystal engraving machine

Epilog – Epilog is made in the USA and has a solid line up of 3d crystal laser engraving machines that you can choose from. I rate these guys highly. Their machines can engrave and cut almost any material.

I couldn’t name a single machine that is best for you, as I always recommend checking the selection and then going from there to decide what is best for you. They also have a pre-owned section that you can check just in case a good laser engraving machine comes up.

3dlasermachine – has some good machines available (as well as a very old school website). These guys are based in the U.S. and also worth checking out for a good price comparison.

Leaguelaser – These guys are based in China and have a good range of sub-surface cnc 3d laser engraving machines for crystal and glass. Always worth a try to get in touch and see how much the machines are and how much shipping will be.

Getting a great 3d laser etched crystal

3d laser crystal engraving

Getting an etched laser 3d crystal as a gift is an awesome idea and has that personal factor involved as well. Below are some steps that I would recommend you reading to help you get the best engraving possible.

1. Communicate clearly what you want. You could bring a picture in of something or have a handy sketch ready to show. Words can sometimes be hard to define a picture, so having the actual picture helps a lot.

2. Set your boundaries. Things such as scale, size, shape and even resolution are important things.

3. Make sure to see samples of their previous work and see just what your engraving will come on, for example, ask to see a sample size of the crystal that will be 3d laser engraved.

4. If you need a custom 3d laser crystal engraving, then you may have to allow for a certain amount of time. Lead times (how long you will have to wait) can take a while if there is a backorder of projects. Also, the project may take longer as it is a custom project.

5. Make sure you have a finish time and something to match the finish with at the end. A lot of engravers sometimes deliver different results to what they have said. With laser engraving, the engraving should be pretty precise, but you never know, so it pays to make sure the engraver has an exact example of what they will be able to deliver.

3d laser crystal photo

Getting a 3d laser photo crystal is also a great personalised present. Use the tips above and bring in a photo for the etching. You could also have your face encased for a loved one, so they will never miss you (bad joke, I know).

Of course, as said above, check out what the engraver has and make sure he or she can show you some examples of previous 3d laser crystal etching they have done in the past. I wish you all the best 3d laser engraved crystal gift for your occasion.

3d laser crystal gifts

I have done a bit of hunting around and these are the best crystal laser 3d gifts out there. There are some cool designs at some very reasonable price. Check them out below: