Getting the Best Pet ID Tag Engraving Machine

Getting the Best Pet ID Tag Engraving Machine

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Are you looking at getting a pet id tag engraving machine? Well this is the guide for you. Getting a pet id tag engraving machine doesn’t have to be hard. Below is my full guide on how to get a great pet tag engraving machine.

pet id tag engraving machine

What are the best pet tag engraving machines out there?

I’ve had a bit of a look around and below is what I have found. In no particular order:

iMarc – These guys have a specialised pet tag engraver that you can buy.

Trotec – Trotec has a solid range of different laser engraving machines for engraving pet tags. Their machines are more multi-purpose and will allow you to do other things such as cutting and etching on top of engraving your pet tags.

Vip engravers – these guys also specialise in pet tags. Their machine, the CE-1000 is a computerized engraving system that comes with a touch screen and keyboard. The coolest thing about this machine is that it has an automatic clamping system. This will save you money on buying expensive tag-holding jigs.

Epilog – These guys do a full range of laser engraving machines, from smaller ones for pet tag engraving to larger scale applications, Epilog has the cnc selection to cover it all. I like a company that has a solid selection to choose from. They also boast made in the USA, which I admire.

Pet Edge – These guys have a cool pet/dog tag engraver kit that comes with 300 tags. Coming in at $3,200 USD, that is pretty reasonable.

Other Options

pet id tag engraving machine

Schmidt marketing systems – these guys have nameplate marking dials as well as manual detail presses. This means you can manually press lettering or numbers onto a piece of material, in this case, a dog tag. – These guys have a letter/ number stamper, much similar to that of Schmidt, but a lot simpler. You just clamp it onto a secure surface then stamp the characters in that also come in different sizes.

Used – Getting a used laser engraving machine can be a little daunting. Check out my article on used cnc milling/engraving machines for some great resources.

Where to get engraving tags?

Below is as fine selection of cheap tags that you can choose from. You can get tags of all sizes and shapes. Take action now to get started! Check them out below:

Where to get a pet tag engraved without a machine?

pet id tag engraving machine

Well I always am fond of outsourcing as opposed to manufacturing in house. It’s pretty easy to do. Just follow the steps below:

1. Prepare what you are going to have on the pet tag. Make sure to check that you have anything that is compulsory, such as a pet registration number etc.

2. There are plenty of options out there that allow you to have different colors or designs. You could consider this as something to boost the personality of your pet. For example, a cheesy dog bone shape for your dog may be pretty cool. I love the cheese.

3. Make sure you see someone who has experience engraving and can provide you with a few samples. This will allow you to see at a glance what you will be getting.

4. Be sure to specify scale and composition. Talk pricing and when you need it by.

5. If you follow the above and make it clear what you want, then it should be smooth sailing when you pick things up.


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