How to Get the Best Engraved Tie Clip or Tie Bar –...

How to Get the Best Engraved Tie Clip or Tie Bar – A Step by Step Guide

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Engraved tie bar

An engraved tie clip or an engraved tie bar is a great for standing out from the crowd.Cuff links have been become popular in terms of all the fancy new designs and styles, so you can now back that up with a cool tie bar engraving.

Here’s my personal guide on how and where to get a great engraving, as well as a little extra section including my favourite engraved tie clips worth purchasing.

Steps on how to get a tie clip engraved

1. Make sure you have a great design in mind or whatever you want written/engraved on your personalized tie clips. Having a clear idea of what you want here is key.

Think about the empty space around the design or words, as a cluttered look does not look too flash. Also, call ahead to make sure you have an engravable tie clip. Most materials can be engraved, so you should not have a problem here.

Engraved tie clip

2. Find a good engraver. There are a few ways to do this. One is to go to a key cutter/engraver that might have an engraving machine.

Another is to go to a proper cnc technician. A cnc technician is someone that uses a computer to control a machine that engraves your tie clip.

3. Check for past examples. Make sure to look at size, scale and most importantly, quality of finish for what you pay for.

Make sure you find something that suits your style, so you have a point of reference to come back to if you get a rather crappy looking product in the end.

4. Make sure you communicate clearly what you want and get a few quotes. Each place will vary, because some cnc machines are just more expensive to run than others.

Some may use a press to stamp letters on, while others might use a fancier laser engraving machine to get the job done.

5. Once you have communicated clearly what you want, then you can leave your tie bar there and then go to pick up and pay later.

Remember that a lot of laser engravers now use cad (computer aided design) software, so you should be able to preview your writing or design before it gets engraved if they have the time. This will give you a good sense of scale and look of the final design to be engraved.

6. Pick up and pin the new engraved tie clip and look flash. Maybe get a higher job position and a raise, because you look so much sharper. Too easy. Or not.

Here’s a few of some cool looking engraved tie clip designs that are worth purchasing: