How to Kick Ass Using AutoCAD – 10 Easy Tips

How to Kick Ass Using AutoCAD – 10 Easy Tips

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Autocad 2013

AutoCAD is one of those programs that comes with a ton of changes every year. So staying on top of the game by learning all the commands and all the tools will make you the fastest and the best.

Here are some solid timeless tips that will separate you as a top performer over all the other amateurs out there:

1. Know every single keyboard shortcut inside out. Keyboard shortcuts can be quicker than clicking icons.

2. Use dynamic blocks for repetitive tasks. Amateurs cut and paste. Power users set up easily changeable dynamic blocks.

3. Draw in multiple viewports. Some people don’t like this, but it saves you panning around in your model space trying to find where that detail went.

4. Have your blocks ready. 80 percent of what you will be doing requires a lot of repitition. Have those blocks ready to just place in when needed.

5. Control your layers. This is one that is easy to forget. Having things in the right layers by using ‘ma’ or the match properties command will allow you to see what you drew later. For example: different plate thicknesses/ material.

6. Always save. Autocad does have an auto-save, but it is time based. Make sure you save multiple copies and important things all the time. Do this ESPECIALLY after drawing something that took you ages.

7. Proof your drawings with a smaller test plot. What you see on paper is always different to on screen. I have caught a ton of mistakes this way.

8. Keep a system for revisions on drawings. Always have company drawing standards.

9. Use the 20,20,20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This wills ave your eyes during long drafting sessions.

10. Create templates for your paper spaces and model spaces to save a ton of time. For example, copy in layers so you do not have to create new layers for every drawing.

Now keep on drafting!