How to Build a CNC Plasma Cutter

How to Build a CNC Plasma Cutter

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Looking to learn how to build a cnc plasma cutter? Have you been looking at building your own cnc plasma cutter? Well below I will go over how to build a great cnc plasma cutter including places where you can get great cnc plasma cutter plans from.

If you want to buy instead of making a diy cnc plasma cutter

There are a few places that I would recommend if you want to make the purchase instead of going the diy route:

Dynatorch: These guys have a good trange of small and large cnc ploasma cutter machines. They have smaller 4×4 and 4×8 ft tables as well as larger 5×10 or 6×10 ft machines AND custom machine sizes! (up to 40 feet). Dynatorch also has a ton of software options including their own cnc software and nesting program (called Sheet CAM).

Torchmate:  Torchmate have affordable cnc plasma cutters as well as plasma cutting tables. You will find brand new machines going direct to their website. You will be looking at a price starting from $4,000 to $30,000 USD.

I prefer smaller machines myself, this is where Torchmate has a solid variety – table sizes range from 2′ x 2′ to 10′ x 40′. Before bombarding you with diy options, I highly suggest looking into Torchmate as a good alternative for people who want to avoid the fuss involved with building their own cnc plasma cutter.

Outsourcing your cnc plasma work

There are a ton of places where you can outsource your cnc plasma work. If you have a smaller project that could use a small cnc plasma cutter – you can use the recommendations I have recommended here and here.

For something larger you will have to look locally. Use the recommendations outlined in the links above as there are many factors to getting a successful cnc project going. Things like tolerances, file somplexity and lead time can greatly affect a project.

For those looking to go the homemade cnc plasma cutter route:

Check out some of these posts:

pirate4x4 – Forum member built home plasma cnc machine with pics.

Everlast Generators – Forum member built home cnc plasma cutter table with pics.

Unfortunately there just aren’t a ton of free cnc plasma cutter plans out there. So I would suggest that you either buy a used cnc plasma cutter where you hopefully will get a cheap cnc plasma cutter for sale.

Ultimately I recommend just buying a cnc plasma cutter machine or an actual cnc plasma cutter kit due to the complexities of gas pipes, keeping things clean and the possibility of a water table over a conventional cutting table.

For people looking for a hobby cnc plasma cutter – there isn’t a huge amount of info out there and trust me I’ve had a good hunt around.

With people looking to outsource their work to a cnc operator or those looking for the best cnc plasma cutter – you have a ton of options out there (I’d say start with the cnc plasma cutter manufacturers recommended and go from there). Good Luck!

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