Top Laser Tube Cutting Machines and Equipment

Top Laser Tube Cutting Machines and Equipment

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Are you looking at getting laser tube cutting done? Well there are a ton of different machines and equipment that you can use to get your laser tube cutting done.

Below is my guide on the top laser tube cutting machines and tips on how to go about getting your tubing laser cut.

In no particular order, these manufacturers have some great laser cutting machines:

BLM Group – Check these guys out for sure. They have arguably the best laser tube cutting machines. With a good range, they definitely rule over the competition. With 7 Co2 laser Co2 cutters and 2 Fiber cutters for laser tube cutting, there is some solid selection here. BLM laser tube cutting machines are definitely worth checking out due to their massive range and options.

Mazak laser – Another company definitely worth checking out. They have some really solid laser tube cutting machines for tube and pipe cutting.

The three models I recommend are the Space Gear U44, Space Gear Mk II, and the Fabri Gear. The last one, the Fabri Gear is a rugged, 6 axis mill that will be perfect for long tube and pipe.

K2 laser system – These guys have solid laser cutting machines for tube. Their K2CM series is the way to go. They have both fiber and C02 cutting lasers. On their site, they also have a guide for operating costs and laser features. This site is definitely worth checking out.

VernonTool – Industrial pipe cutting machinery. This place has some great machines that are of really good use. Unfortunately, they do not do cutting with laser, only oxy/fuel, abrasive and plasma. This is the only one mentioned here that is not a cnc laser tube cutting equipment manufacturer, but has some other solid options for cutting tube or pipe.

Trumpf Machines – These guys have a couple of high end laser tube cutting machines that are worth a look. The models are the TruLaser Tube 5000 and the TruLaser Tube 7000. These cnc machines are industrial sized, so make sure you have a huge workshop for these machines.

Choosing the right laser tube cutting equipment – Important things to Consider

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Definitely check out the manufacturers listed above. Obviously I won’t be able to recommend an exact machine for you as it all depends on what you will be cutting, the size and how often you will be cutting. There are a ton of other factors to consider too. These might include:

CNC software – Cnc software, as well as cad/cam software can be super expensive. Sometimes easily up to $10,000 and over for a single license or seat.

Be aware that it is hard to find cheap, good cnc software, so you will have to factor this into the cost of purchasing a machine. There are also yearly updates that will cost you money too.

Cnc operator training – This can be costly. Most of the time when you are buying a new machine that comes with proprietary cnc software, then you will usually get training.

This may be in the form of a technician coming out your way and training you how to use the laser tube cutting machine and software. If you are buying a used machine, this crucial training will not come with the machine.

Maintenance costs – A cnc tube laser cutting machine is expensive. You may have to buy new parts and keep old parts up to shape. Keep this in mind when buying an expensive machine that needs expensive parts. A new machine should come with a good warranty to cover you, but ater this runs out, you are on your own.

Tube laser cutting services – How to outsource correctly

Another way you could go is outsourcing the laser cutting process. So instead of investing all the money upfront, you can get your tubing cnc laser cut with someone that specializes in laser cutting tube.

One place I recommend that is worth checking out is CRD laser tube cutting. CRD cut tube with their own tube cutting laser. Of course, anyone who is good and is closer to you will do the job fine. After all, its not how great the machine is, its all about what you need to get the job done.

Also, for outsourcing and getting the best laser tube cutting information, it is best to check out more than one place.

I normally go and check out or get in contact with as many as possible. Every place will have different machines, so it is best to see what they each have to offer and how much it will cost. Prices do vary a lot between different cnc companies.

Make sure you have a great cnc operator doing the job. Check to see what he or she has in terms of examples. See if they will be able to give you what you want in terms of quality of finish, price, deadlines and technical skills.

Can I buy a used machine?

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Buying a used laser tube cutting machine is going to be hard and I do not recommend it. I recommend buying new from one of the manufacturers above or outsourcing your work using the tips above.

The reason behind this is that the used market for laser tube cutters is not that big right now. It is a relatively new technology that is very expensive. Because of this, companies are keeping their machines for longer, and older machines become obsolete fast.

To stay up to date and make sure you get quality, it is much easier this point in time to just buy a new machine or outsource the task. Good luck!