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So you are on the market for used cnc milling machines for sale? Well there are a ton of places where you can go and get a great deal and hopefully find that awesome used cnc milling machine for your workshop.

Here are the best places to get used cnc milling machines for sale. Check them out:

In no particular order:

used cnc machines

1. K.D. Capital – Always a large selection here with used cnc machines for sale of all types for industrial applications. They also have a handy online page that will get them to help you find a certain type of machine if they do not have it. That is super handy.

2. jspetersmach is a good place to check out, but do not have an online catalogue. You will have to call them to see what used cnc milling machines that they broker.

3. Perfection Machinery – These guys have a massive selection in so many categories I can not count. Definitely worth a visit to their site to see what they have on hand. The site is well organized and easily navigated to find certain categories that may interest you.

They also have toll free US and Canadian support through their hotline. They also have an international number, but that one costs.

4. MMI Auction – These guys always have at least a small selection of different cnc machines, used cnc turning machines, mills and lathes and a whole bunch of other machinery available for auction. Worth a look to see if you can get a deal here for sure.

A lot of the machines do have a reserve, so you will get a good deal, just not something that is too super cheap (which usually happens with no reserve auctions).

5. – These guys have a solid range of different cnc machines too, and categorize them all in a spreadsheet-like format, so at a glance you can see details like the model, year, key dimensions, and price. Also definitely worth a check to see if they may have anything you may want.

6. ReSell CNC – These guys have a solid selection of used cnc router machines. To see prices, you do have to click through a few pages and then you have to fill in a form with email, phone and name details. A lot of work just to see one price, which is why this site isn’t as good as the others.

7. Machine Tools – An absolutely mega site filled with a ton of different listings for used as well as wanted listings. From used cnc grinding machines to used cnc lathe machines for sale his is definitely the place to go and check out if you are on the hunt for a good machine.

I like the fact that they even have used cnc plasma machines here too. They also list where the cnc used machines are, so you can get one that is local to you. They also have auctions as well.

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cnc wood lathe machine

Finding a good cnc wood lathe is hard work. There aren’t that many manufacturers out there and even the few available are quite scattered. I’ve searched high and low to bring you the best places to go and get the best cnc wood lathe machine for turning wood. Here we go:

Motioncat cnc lathe – This 2-axis cnc wood turning lathe is designed to turn a whole range of wooden products, such as baseball bats, spindles and posts. It is available from (with customer service based in the U.S. and Canada). The great thing I like about this lathe is that it comes with a screen to prevent parts from flying out onto the worker.

ColumnMaster cnc lathe – This heavy-duty 3-axis cnc lathe is a monster and can really do anything.. For the budget hobbyist, this can be a little overkill, but for the person or company that needs something industrial that will turn larger wooden products (16 ft capacity between centers!) then this is your dream cnc machine. This one is also available from

Hyundai Wia – Hyundai Wia has a ton of different cnc wood lathe turning centers. They have a very comprehensive range and a great website. I would definitely give them a shot at their site here.

Mighty USA – These guys have some larger, industrial sized cnc wood lathes, they have 6 lathes to choose from, but they are all mid-large application sized. Be sure to check them out here if that is what you are going for.

Milltronics – Milltronics has many different turning centers for every size and every application. They have a big variety of different lathes to choose from and have an easy number that you can call too (these guys are based in the U.S.), advertised on their site.

Jjsmith uk – These guys who are based in the UK have a massive selection of different cnc wood lathes used and new, so definitely worth a look if you from that part of the world. Check them out here.

cnc wood lathe machines

Alternative Options

Can I use a cnc metal lathe instead of a wood lathe?

You could possibly use a cnc metal lathe depending on the cutting and gouging you need done. The massive down side is that wood dust dries out the oil needed on metal lathes, so may not work as well, as it may have consequences on your machine’s performance later down the line.

Outsourcing your cnc work

This is a great alternative, but unfortunately wood products made on lathes are generally fairly large. Because of this, shipping and outsourcing overseas may be too expensive, so you may have to look local. This may mean paying a higher price for someone with a cnc wood lathe machine locally. This is entirely up to you and your possible ROI on buying a cnc wood lathe compared to just outsourcing your cnc work.

Buying a hobby lathe

Pen lathes, hobby lathes or a cnc mini wood lathe is a great idea and can be worth it, only if you projects are going to be small. Anything too big will not be able to fit, making this category out of the question for most.

DIY wood cnc lathe

cnc wood lathe machine

This can definitely be done. You can scrape together different parts and cnc software to make a machine, but this is quite hard as diy cnc wood lathes aren’t really that popular, so finding tutorials or cnc wood lathe plans and support online would be hard.

I recommend checking out the forum at or Popular Mechanics to see if there are members there that may have had experience with a diy cnc wood turning lathe in the past.

Shop around for a used wood lathe cnc machine

You could purchase a used machine to save on cost. Check some of the recommendations above that have used options. You could also try machine auction sites or contacting people in the above forums to see what you find.

Remember to shop around new and used, as well as diy to see what you can find that will best suit your individual project needs. Good luck on finding that great cnc wood lathe for sale.


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laser paper cutter

Are you looking for the best laser paper cutter or trimmer? Well laser cutting paper can easily be done with a good laser paper cutter. I have compiled a guide for all your laser cutting needs including what the best machines or products are and what to look for in a good machine. Here we go:

Best laser paper cutting machine

Below are some manufacturers that I recommend. I won’t recommend an exact model, as there are many different sizes and purposes for each machine.

I would recommend you check out my pick of brands and drilling down from there to get something great for your project needs.

Trotec Laser – Trotec has 3 laser cutters for paper. The Speedy 300, Speedy 500 and their large SP1500 all come with Co2 lasers. Each has different power outputs and work areas and is definitely worth checking out as Trotec Laser always does a solid job with their machines.

If you can find an alternative, then all you really need is a paper laser cutter that has a small bed size with a laser that is Co2 (as long as the paper is not corrugated). Something that has higher power, preferably over 25 watts and a machine that is faster will help produce much better results.

DIY laser paper cutter

laser cut paper

Another alternative to purchasing a machine or outsourcing to someone else is to make your own diy laser paper cutter machine. A diy job is a lot more satisfying, and in some cases beat the best paper cutter and saves you a lot of money. There are a few solid tutorials around available on the net. Check out the following:

– DIY. How to build a homemade router laser cnc right here

– Laser cutter, start slicing stuff for under 50 dollars right here

Outsourcing laser paper cutting to someone with a laser paper cutting machine

Instead of buying your own machine, you can outsource the process. Here is my personal step by step guide on how to outsource paper laser cutting:

1. Make sure you have a design in mind. Even better would be to have a vector file created already in a program such as Adobe Illustrator or the free alternative Inkscape. AutoCAD does vectors as well, but that cost a lot more and is more for manufacturing/construction purposes.

laser cutter paper

2. Find someone who has experience cutting paper with a cnc laser cutter, check samples.

3. Make sure that you know what time and date the cutting will be finished by. Also be clear on the scalesize, and finish. Sometimes a sample does not do your final outcome justice.

4. Places to go would be cnc places that have specialised laser cutting machines and specialist stationary or print shops that do this kind of stuff.

5. Prices always vary, so call around or take your file in to see how much it will cost if you are doing a large run. Remember, sometimes you get what you pay for. But with my experience in this, sometimes the place that is cheaper does laser cut paper incredibly well.

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Using a cnc foam cutter is a great way to cut foam as opposed to doing it by hand with a hot wire. A cnc foam cutter can accurately cut any sort of shape, even complex ones using a 5 axis cnc cutter for foam.

I have a lot of experience with getting normal as well as high density foam cut with a foam cutter. Of course, there are two main ways of doing it with a cnc machine. One is with a hot wire cnc foam cutter, and the other uses simple router tooling parts, similar to those on a drill.

So you have two options at the beginning, do it by hand, build a machine diy or outsource the foam cutting.

Outsourcing foam cutting with a cnc machine

As with all outsourcing, here are a few guidelines I really recommend you follow when outsourcing the work:

1. Communicate early. Cnc places normally have a big project list and because of this have a lead time (the waiting time before they will start on your project). If you get in earlier, then they will be able to slot you into a time that better suits you.

2. Have a finished (or almost finished) cad file where the cnc operator can easily import into their cad/cam cnc software to see just how much time it will take to cnc cut the project and how much it will cost.

3. Think about separating the parts and gluing it all back together. This may save you money as you may be able to cut your foam using a 3 axis cnc machine instead of a 5 axis cnc machine, which of course, is a lot more costly to run and produce projects.

4. Make sure you settle on an appropriate deadline. Contractors are notorious for taking their time or not delivering on time. Get this nailed down and keep an eye on things. The biggest mistake you can make is just to simply hand off a project and hope for the best. Always make sure you know what you will be getting and when.

5. See if the cnc place will be able to cut or router out your particular type of foam. Remember there are different densities of foam. Also check to see if they can etch or drill holes in your foam if that is something you need to do (for pre-preg with composites).

Best hot wire cnc foam cutter for sale

cnc foam cutter

Hotwire Direct – Based out of Washington, this company has a solid range of cnc and specialty foam cutters. Their 8700 cnc has a huge cutting capacity of 106″ x 51″ x 105″, the wire being 105″ long. This can also be used as a cnc foam wing cutter to cut and produce different wing profiles, but for more sophisticated wing shapes, you may need a cnc foam router with another axis.

FoamLinx – Based in California, this company also has a solid range of cnc foam cutters, with their largest FCX848 being able to cut blocks of 100″ x 50″ x 100″ which at that size is a three block machine, can be assembled in less than an hour and comes in at $25,000 USD.

Of course, FoamLinx have small, mid and large scale cnc hot wire foam cutter machines that come in wide range of formats and prices. I would definitely check these guys out, and their site is pretty informative too.

Top Cnc foam router

You could use just about any 4-5 axis cnc machines to router foam, but I would go for a more specialist machine. Check out Frogmill. Their 4th axis cnc foam router gives you the capabilities for creating full 3d parts and carvings in a single piece. Obviously with this machine, you can mill a whole bunch of other things. Check it out here.

For more information on other routers that can do complex shapes. Check out this article I did a little while back on 5 axis cnc machines (but be prepared to spend a lot of cash).

Top diy cnc foam cutter plans

Below are some great resources with plans to get you started: has a solid guide right here on how to make a diy cnc hot wire foam cutter. Here’s the post. has some cheap plans that you can buy and the packages there come with materials for the build already. Here they are.

8linx has a great step by step guide on how to make a home built cnc foam wire cutter located right here, which may or may not have been ripped off of, Check it out here.

Cnc foam cutter software – Free and Paid

hot wire cutter

GMFC – Free software for creating wing profiles for cnc foam cutting with a cnc hotwire foam cutter.

Jedicut – Free cnc software for cnc foam cutting. This software allows you to cut wing shapes as well as fuselages.

Tjzoide – Developed by a hobbyist that I found on the cnczone forum to use with your foam cutter cnc machine.

Final Words

Remember that every cnc router or hot wire foam cutter has its advantages and disadvantages. Start by looking at the models and software above and narrow down on what will ultimately be the best foam cnc cutter for your individual project needs.

I used to do all this stuff by hand, but with cnc routers and cnc hot wire cutters, you have an awesome choice to pick from out there to make the job a whole lot easier.

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cnc operator machinist

Alright let’s get down to it. So you are a CNC operator and want more info on salary, the job and training. Here’s our guide for everything to do with being a cnc operator.

CNC machine operator Salary

In U.S. and Canada (2012) Cnc operator salary – about $30,000 – $40,000 starting

Hourly wage can range from $12 an hour all the way up to $40 an hour (2012)

In 2012, the average wage advertised for a CNC operator fell between 10-30% the nationwide average salary in the U.S. and Canada.

CNC Programmer jobs usually start at around the $40,000 a year mark

CNC Operator Training

Where to train and how?

cnc operator machinist

Well it all depends on where you are based. You can do College and certificate programs that will get you started off as a cnc operator. From there, you could gain experience or do some extra coursework and become a cnc programmer, which typically pays at least an extra $5-10,000 a year in salary. This increase of at least 10% may be worth the cost of extra cnc training.

There are also other facets for the cnc technician, such as becoming a cnc lathe operator or a laser/plasma/water-jet machine operator. These new cnc machinist jobs will crop up as new technology gets brought to market.

Cnc operator course work

Usually a degree or certificate will involve math, cnc machine set-up and operation, cad/cam program training, and cnc tooling. You will also learn the basics of programming for cnc machines, such as learning how to program with G code.

Cnc operator apprenticeship route

Another way to learn is take an apprenticeship. This is good, as it will save you some money and you could even earn money while learning during your cnc machinist training. You will probably end up working for the same company as well. Cnc operator apprenticeships normally take up to 4 years.

You will learn some of the above things outlined while taking a course, but will probably have more of a hands-on based learning program as opposed to being drilled in theory or spending a lot of time working with cad programs.

The future of cnc operators

The U.S. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) predicts an increase in this sector. We will see a 7% increase for the 2008-2018 period for cnc operator jobs.

Also, with new machines coming and old machines going, being a knowledgeable cnc operator or programmer is going to give you a huge jump on the competition later on down the track when demand increases.

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Are you looking at getting a pet id tag engraving machine? Well this is the guide for you. Getting a pet id tag engraving machine doesn’t have to be hard. Below is my full guide on how to get a great pet tag engraving machine.

pet id tag engraving machine

What are the best pet tag engraving machines out there?

I’ve had a bit of a look around and below is what I have found. In no particular order:

iMarc – These guys have a specialised pet tag engraver that you can buy.

Trotec – Trotec has a solid range of different laser engraving machines for engraving pet tags. Their machines are more multi-purpose and will allow you to do other things such as cutting and etching on top of engraving your pet tags.

Vip engravers – these guys also specialise in pet tags. Their machine, the CE-1000 is a computerized engraving system that comes with a touch screen and keyboard. The coolest thing about this machine is that it has an automatic clamping system. This will save you money on buying expensive tag-holding jigs.

Epilog – These guys do a full range of laser engraving machines, from smaller ones for pet tag engraving to larger scale applications, Epilog has the cnc selection to cover it all. I like a company that has a solid selection to choose from. They also boast made in the USA, which I admire.

Pet Edge – These guys have a cool pet/dog tag engraver kit that comes with 300 tags. Coming in at $3,200 USD, that is pretty reasonable.

Other Options

pet id tag engraving machine

Schmidt marketing systems – these guys have nameplate marking dials as well as manual detail presses. This means you can manually press lettering or numbers onto a piece of material, in this case, a dog tag. – These guys have a letter/ number stamper, much similar to that of Schmidt, but a lot simpler. You just clamp it onto a secure surface then stamp the characters in that also come in different sizes.

Used – Getting a used laser engraving machine can be a little daunting. Check out my article on used cnc milling/engraving machines for some great resources.

Where to get engraving tags?

Below is as fine selection of cheap tags that you can choose from. You can get tags of all sizes and shapes. Take action now to get started! Check them out below:

Where to get a pet tag engraved without a machine?

pet id tag engraving machine

Well I always am fond of outsourcing as opposed to manufacturing in house. It’s pretty easy to do. Just follow the steps below:

1. Prepare what you are going to have on the pet tag. Make sure to check that you have anything that is compulsory, such as a pet registration number etc.

2. There are plenty of options out there that allow you to have different colors or designs. You could consider this as something to boost the personality of your pet. For example, a cheesy dog bone shape for your dog may be pretty cool. I love the cheese.

3. Make sure you see someone who has experience engraving and can provide you with a few samples. This will allow you to see at a glance what you will be getting.

4. Be sure to specify scale and composition. Talk pricing and when you need it by.

5. If you follow the above and make it clear what you want, then it should be smooth sailing when you pick things up.

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cnc router parts

Are you looking for some quality cnc router parts?

Well getting the right cnc router parts for your cnc machine is highly important to the smooth running of your machine and to the success of your project.

Below are some of the different parts that you may need for your machine and what you should be looking for.

Parallel port cable – Generally a male to male cable should suffice, but it depends on your computer. Sometimes you may need a male to female connector. Check for the amount of pins you may need. A 25 pin cable is standard. This connects your PC to your cnc machine. Make sure you have enough length (I’d go a little extra, just in case).

Stepper motors – Some of these motors require soldering. You can get stepper motors that are plug and play. Check power and torque to see i fit will suit your cnc machine.

Power supply – One of the most important aspects for your machine. Make sure you get enough power to operate the different aspects of your machine. Remember that the more motors you have, the higher the power supply you will need. The total wattage depends on your cutting loads and whether or not you may be doing high speed rapids and other power intensive production methods.

CNC Motor cables – Make sure you have good cables running to your cnc motor. A higher quality cable is going to last longer and reduce the risk of the cable itself getting damaged. Some of the better cables have rigid PVC jackets to help them bend better.

Emergency stop – Not much to say here, but a necessity for a lot of machines.

Limit switches – Mechanical lever arm limit / homing switches have both normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) contacts. You will need to choose which one best suits your cnc machine.

Enclosure – Depending on the type of cnc machine you have, you may want an enclosure to stop pieces of material from flying out and hitting you. This also helps keep the mess down.

cnc milling machine

Tooling parts – Making sure that different tooling parts which suit the job at hand are used. There is a huge range of different tooling options for a variety of different things. For large blocking out of material, you will need a different tool compared to doing smaller engraving or etching jobs.

DIY cnc router parts – Homemade cnc router parts are common for the diy crowd. Some of the parts I mentioned above cater to the hobby and diy crowd. I suggest doing a bit of research on the parts above to see what parts suit your machine the best. Many builders are building their own laser, plasma, cnc and hot wire foam cutters.

Cnc router parts for sale

There are many different places where you can get cnc router parts for sale. I highly recommend Amazon for common parts if possible (their return policy and reviews make them an awesome place to shop). is also a good choice for the diy cnc machine builder. They also have smaller parts for those with a mini cnc milling machine. also has a ton of cnc router parts, machines and tooling for sale. They also stock a lot of Onsrud cutter cnc router bits.


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Far out, finding the right laser etching machine is tough work. There are a ton of different independent brands out there, that finding and comparing the best laser etching machine prices can be very tiresome.

I suggest looking at some top brands and then discern from there. I could not recommend just one machine for you, as everyone’s cnc status and what they want to do is different. If you aren’t going to outsource, then buying a machine is a huge investment and should not be something you get solely based on what other people are using.

In no particular order:

Epilog laser engraving machine

1. Epilog – Epilog is a solid brand and have 7 laser etching machines available. The 7 machines are split into three different series. This helps users drill down on what they need fast. They have both Co2 ad Fiber laser machines. Their machine bed sizes range from 16″ x 12″ to 36 x 24″.

2. Trotec -Trotec has a solid line of laser engraving machines, 9 to be exact. They have both Co2 and Fiber laser etching machines. Their machine bed sizes are measured using the metric system, and range from 610 x 305mm (24″ x 12″) to a huge 1500 x 1250mm (59″ x 49″) with lasers that range from the 10W mark to the 400W mark depending on the machine.

3. Universal Laser Systems -Universal Laser Systems is an International company which is great for support. These guys are probably the most comprehensive laser etching machine suppliers I have come across. They have 12 laser etching machines available. They range from 16″ x 12″ in bed size to 48″ x 24″. They have a lot of variety here and I definitely recommend checking these guys out for their selection for sure.

Red Sail laser etching machine

4. Red Sail – Red Sail have two models of laser etching machine for sale and have contacts in Canada and China – So makes it a good option for those living within Canada or China. Bed size is from 500 x 700mm (20″ x 27.5″)  to 600 x 900mm (23.5″ x 35.5″) for their two models with a 50 and 60W laser respectively. These machines can be used as a laser glass etching machine too.

5. Kern -Kern does all different scales, but their website does not have individual product information, so you will have to give them an email. They also have a granite laser etching machine option that will enable you to engrave granite if that is something you are in need of. You may be able to find a glass laser etching machine there too.

NOTE: For a 3d laser etching machine, check out this guide. Also model range and information is subject to change as suppliers and manufacturers change their stock and availability, so always check with the respective supplier first for further information. My goal here is to just give you a solid outline to start on, and for you to dig deeper to find the machine that will be best suited for your purposes. Good Luck!




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Horizontal milling machine

Are you on the hunt for a used milling machine?

Well a good used cnc milling machine can be hard to find. Below are some of the resources that I think will be able to help you.

1. First, to find a good used milling machine, you will need to define what features, software and extra parts you may need. Cad/cam software can cost a lot of money, so be sure to set a solid budget and have an understanding of what hardware and software you will need.

2. Check out some forums first. I recommend the forum. That is a great forum for people looking for a used cnc milling machine. You could just post what you need and where you live and you should get some helpful pointers on a used manual milling machine or 3/5 axis machine.

3. You may have to go the old ‘brick and mortar’ route. This means finding and buying one online depending on where you live will be hard.

Be sure to look into machinery places that are based near you. See what they have and leave them your details in case something used does come in. Alternatively, you could call around first before visiting a machinery place to see if they have the right used milling machine for sale.

4. You could try your hand at a machinery auction. MMI Auction is something I have seen where you place bids on the machine and it will sell when it hits reserve. You could even look at Ebay.

Obviously shipping may be a hassle, so make sure it is a local seller so you can pick it up or if it is a used mini milling machine, then it may be able to be shipped economically. Of course, be sure you know the obligations and how to do w ell in an auction.

wood laser engraving machine

5. I would search for specific brands such as a used Bridgeport, Grizzly, Lagun or used Jet milling machine. Searching with a brand in mind will help you zero in on something that is reputable. There are two reasons for this. 1. You will be able to find parts easily. 2. You will be able to ask others online or directly for support in case something breaks or you need help. Support is a lot harder to find with a used no name brand cnc/non-cnc milling machine.

6. You can choose to start off with a broad search, but then narrow it down to the type of machine you want, such as a used horizontal milling machine if you needed a horizontal machine or a used vertical milling machine, depending all of course, on your particular goals.

7. Patience is key. Go with your gut feeling. If the machine or price is not right, then it is what it is. Move on and do not look back. Be patient and you will be sure to come across something perfect for your needs. It’s like searching for a great used car. You just have to look everywhere and be patient and be prepared to jump on a deal if it is hot.






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Benchtop cnc mill

Today we will be looking at the best benchtop cnc mill. Finding the best benchtop cnc mill can be hard, but I have done the research and have cut it down for you.

Below is a guide I have compiled for getting the right cnc benchtop mill without too much stress. I have also included ideas during the shopping process to make sure you get the best machine to suit your needs.

Seig X3/SX3 – Seig make some solid benchtop cnc mills. The SX3 is the higher spec’d model and does come with a tilting head which can be handy. It also has a 1 hp motor as opposed to a 3/4 p motor that the X3 has. You can fit CNC onto both machines. Remember that you can get around not having a tilting head by using a good angle vice.

Grizzly G0619/G0463 – Grizzly make good machines and these milling machines can be used for a cnc conversion. You can get a good kit from Baldor or Keling. Also you might want to look into a dual port bo0ard over a single depending on your application.

Taig Mills and Lathes – A good selection of micro mills as well as micro lathes and both cnc/non-cnc mills. Good for any type of material such as aluminum, wood, plastic, brass and steel.

benchtop cnc mill

K2 – A solid range here. Their benchtop cnc mills are pretty good value and they have servos as well as steppers. /also made in the U.S. so you know you are getting quality parts. Check out their new KT-1414-09 3-4 axis steppers.

Sherline – These guys have just awesome packages. They have kits that come with everything for a cnc benchtop mill, which is great for the novice cnc person. Stuff such as cnc mill benchtop software and pre-installed hard drives are part of their cnc mill systems and packages. Of course they have tons of other stuff too. I highly recommend checking these guys out at their site which is very well detailed.

Some other benchtop cnc mills worth checking out are from Shop Fox, Proxxon and Jet.

Remember it really does come down to your own individual or company needs. What is a great set up for one person may not be the case for someone else. Good luck!