Top CNC Lathes

Top CNC Lathes

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Hurco cnc lathe

Welcome to our top cnc lathe products/ brands. We’ve gone through various brands as well as different products to scout out which ones you should be taking a look at so you get the best value for your money. Check’em out below:



Mori Seiki cnc lathe

Mori lathe

Mori is a super innovative brand with machinery available worldwide. The Mori Seiki line of cnc lathes is a bit of a crowd favorite when it comes to cnc toolroom lathes, however Mori’s new line of cnc lathes look like something from the future. Super sleek white and black fully enclosed beasts. The range is pretty large, so rather than bog you down with specifics, check them out here.

Sunwin CNC Motorized Metalworking DIY lathe

Sunwin cnc lathe

The Sunwin cnc lathe isn’t quite full cnc, you’ll need to do a bit of a retrofit here, and its only really for small scale wood products, with a little bit of aluminum work. If you don’t mind a smaller machine to get started with, then the Sunwin is actually a pretty cheap lathe ranging in price between $2-$300. For the price you get a pretty high 18,000 rpm at highest speed =/- 15%, and a respectable low speed of 10,000 rpm.

Bolton Tools

Bolton Tools cnc lathe combo

Bolton tools has  lot of different options when it comes to cnc lathes. The combo lathe and mill is an interesing option, and we think would be super versatile for multiple projects, with seperate lathe and mill motorsm each 3/4 hp.

If you’re willing to really go full commercial here, the Bolton 13″ x 40″ is your go-to. We’ve seen this one in action and were super impressed, as the cnc lathe features a fully enclosed cover with direct cnc controls on the machine. You will be spending between $10-$15,000 for this though.

Okuma horizontal lathes

Pkuma LT3000 EX cnc latheOkuma has a ton of options for industrial use when it comes to horizontal lathes. They do some pretty crazy stuff with different axis types, spindles, turrets – you name it, there is probably a machine here that will fill your needs. You can check out their broad range of cnc horizontal lathe offers that include regular and 4 axis lathes here.

Haas Automation Inc 

Haas Automation OL-1

Haas is pretty well known for their regular cnc mill/ router offerings. They do have a solid lineup of cnc lathes with the smallest model called the OL-1 (pictured above) the office lathe iup to a Large-Through-Bore offering.

The offerings are all pretty slick as everything is made in America with some really cool features such as an automatic coolant refill system as an option. With over 175,000 machines sold to date you can definitely rely on Haas’s reputation to deliver a good overall package in terms of great machinery and reliability.


Sherline cnc lathe

We’ve mentioned Sherline in the past. Based in the US, you can get some cool desktop cnc lathe kits that have everything included – all you need to do is add a screen. They even offer cnc retrofit kits for their current lathes. The kit shown above and a similar cnc lathe kit does for around $2,200 which is very reasonable for a 3.5×8″ or 3.5×17″ 6.5 amp, 24v power supply. You also get Sherline’s top class support, and seeing as they have been around for a long long time, you can count on support to be around for a long time.

Others worth a look

Before we let you go, you will also want to check out Hurco and Romi. Both are solid brands with very good training and support.

Which cnc lathe machine are you using?




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