Top Wood CNC Machines for the Wood Crafts-Person

Top Wood CNC Machines for the Wood Crafts-Person

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Are you an aspiring or expert wood crafts-person looking for that perfect wood cnc machine? There are a ton of different cnc manufacturers and machines out there that you can try, but given the fact that it all depends on your location – some of us may have it more difficult than others.

This article will go through the different types and brands of wood cnc machines that are available globally – I know in the past we have focused on US based brands – I’ll be digging into US brands as well as different brands and machines for our readers outside of North America.

In no particular order:

Zen Toolworks CNC Carving Machine – This machine is a great DIY machine. It is PERFECT  for the enthusiast out there as this is a DIY kit. If you live in the US or have access to then this 7×7 DIY kit would be perfect for you. At a regluar retail price, this benchtop DIY cnc machine comes in at a very cheap $400 and can be had cheaper depending on the sale.

You will need a 3 axis stepper motor driver as this only comes with the actual CNC machine and motors, so will need the driver to manage each motor, a cutter/spindle or dremel and a DC power supply for the actual driver itself. You can purchase this on Amazon too. I highly recommend this machine for a great cost-effective benchtop solution for anyone making smaller molds using wood or even models/ cnc products that do not require a large tabletop.

Here’s a time lapse video on the build of this DIY cnc machine kitset:


CarveWright N01 – The Carvewright is an excellent choice for people that require a benchtop cnc machine for making wooden products – but can work with a larger bed size. This machine – although tough luck in many reviews actually has a feww solid working points.

The maximum workpiece size can be 14.5 ix 5 inches high and a whopping 12 feet long. That’s a huge benefit over many other benchtop mini cnc milling machines. It may be compact (making it easy to store), but it can handle larger wood projects – whether it be regular or custom wood (mdf).

The machine provides great results and is fun to use. Carvewright also provides a great user forum which is a great resource for learning from other users. It’s also free to join and you can even get free patterns for laying out your projects from the forum.

Click-N-Carve 84030 CNC Carving Machine – This is a great little machine that also comes with some great cnc software. I have discussed in the past how expensive cnc software for converting to G code is and also how much 3d modeling software can be – which can amount into the thousands – this is not ideal for many businesses or individuals that don’t have a large budget and just want an economical benchtop cnc mill for wood projects.

The software that comes with this machine is compatible with G codes, and has a total engraving area of 11.8 x 11.8 inches and a 3.94 height. Many beginners love the ease of use for this machine. I recommend this highly for its ease of use and included software.

More expensive all purpose machines

There are definitely plenty of other cnc routers that can be used for wood – but may not necessarily be cheap. K2 cnc offers some great routers and has a good selection of cnc routers – but their routers can be expensive because they are made for applications with plastics, foam,aluminium and other materials. Getting a specialized wood cnc mini router or benchtop router is the way forward as it will save you on cost if you only plan to work with wood.

Wood is also quite a messy product to rout or carve. Given the material’s properties, having a machine that can easily be enclosed or easily cleaned up is crucial here.

Remember that there are many different kinds of machines out there with many different variables. The above three are my favorite picks due to them being easily available and relatively inexpensive compared to some of the hybrid material applications used by other expensive models. We’ve taken a look at some of the models in the past here if you are looking for a machine that can rout and cut other material as well.

What do you think is the best wood cnc machine out there?


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