How to Find a Used Milling Machine

How to Find a Used Milling Machine

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Are you on the hunt for a used milling machine?

Well a good used cnc milling machine can be hard to find. Below are some of the resources that I think will be able to help you.

1. First, to find a good used milling machine, you will need to define what features, software and extra parts you may need. Cad/cam software can cost a lot of money, so be sure to set a solid budget and have an understanding of what hardware and software you will need.

2. Check out some forums first. I recommend the forum. That is a great forum for people looking for a used cnc milling machine. You could just post what you need and where you live and you should get some helpful pointers on a used manual milling machine or 3/5 axis machine.

3. You may have to go the old ‘brick and mortar’ route. This means finding and buying one online depending on where you live will be hard.

Be sure to look into machinery places that are based near you. See what they have and leave them your details in case something used does come in. Alternatively, you could call around first before visiting a machinery place to see if they have the right used milling machine for sale.

4. You could try your hand at a machinery auction. MMI Auction is something I have seen where you place bids on the machine and it will sell when it hits reserve. You could even look at Ebay.

Obviously shipping may be a hassle, so make sure it is a local seller so you can pick it up or if it is a used mini milling machine, then it may be able to be shipped economically. Of course, be sure you know the obligations and how to do w ell in an auction.

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5. I would search for specific brands such as a used Bridgeport, Grizzly, Lagun or used Jet milling machine. Searching with a brand in mind will help you zero in on something that is reputable. There are two reasons for this. 1. You will be able to find parts easily. 2. You will be able to ask others online or directly for support in case something breaks or you need help. Support is a lot harder to find with a used no name brand cnc/non-cnc milling machine.

6. You can choose to start off with a broad search, but then narrow it down to the type of machine you want, such as a used horizontal milling machine if you needed a horizontal machine or a used vertical milling machine, depending all of course, on your particular goals.

7. Patience is key. Go with your gut feeling. If the machine or price is not right, then it is what it is. Move on and do not look back. Be patient and you will be sure to come across something perfect for your needs. It’s like searching for a great used car. You just have to look everywhere and be patient and be prepared to jump on a deal if it is hot.







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