Where to Buy Used CNC Milling Machines

Where to Buy Used CNC Milling Machines

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used cnc router for saleAt CNC Establishment we LOVE our cnc machines, however finding great resources to buy used machines can be tough. A lot of the time we recommend to buy new as that way you are guaranteed some sort of software that matches the machine, machine-specific training as well as a warranty in case something breaks down during a crucial job.

For those of you looking for used cnc machines for sale there is some respite. Below is our list of go-to’s when looking for a good used machine:

CNC lathes

Used cnc lathe machines are hard to come by. Check out MachineTools.com, eBay, manta-machinery.net, premierequipment.com or emachinetool.com. These are all great places to start and actually do stock lathes. Note that many of these places are in the US.

Machine Tools bills themselves as THE largest resource and listing marketplace with over 220,000 new and used listings. This is our top go-to choice for used machines (second goes to ExFactory under the CNC routers section).

MachineTools.com has a powerful buy/sell/research module that will help you sort out the type of machine/tooling, category, tool and country that you need. This site is also worth a look for recently posted wanted ads as well as current auctions for machines (where you may be able to pick up a machine for a very reasonable price). Brands such as Nissei, Daewoo, Kato, Doosan, Mazak, and Bridgeport have made appearances.

emachinetool and premierequipment are also worth checking out. These two sites both have been around for a while and both are updated regularly. (We hate it when listings are defunct!).

CNC Routers – Woodworking, Metalwork, Plastic, Stone, Glass

used cnc milling machine for saleOnce again eBay really is your friend here. However there are many retailers that also sell used cnc woodworking machines.Check out cncrouterstore.com, exfactory.com, and usedcncrouters.com.

Cnc Router Store offers free desktop appraisals, cash offers and machine brokerage services (so attracts many sellers).

ExFactory has a handy categorization list that allows you to sort the used cnc router machines by manufacturer, machine type, region, brand, or price. ExFactory is a big one-stop shop for woodworking. plastic, glass, metal and stone work.

UsedCNCRouters.com has a much smaller selection compared to ExFactory but are still worth a look.

CNC Milling – Vertical and Horizontal

Quality used cnc vertical or horizontal milling machines are plentiful. We’ve seen many used Swiss screw machines, Fadal, Mazak and Bridgeport cnc milling machines for sale. For swiss screw machines we recommend ismscnc.com, MachineTools and Automatics. As mentioned above MachineTools just rocks in terms of range. You’ll definitely find something here.

If you want to stray out to see what else you may pick up, Automatics and ISMS CNC are worth a look, however the later doesn’t have the most friendly user-interface; but it is well worth digging through, especially for their Swiss CNC machines (Citizen, Star, Tornos, Emco etc.)

CNC Grinding Machines

Used cnc grinding machines are hard to find. We know it sounds generic, but you will have to look more towards eBay or Alibaba to fill your needs here. You could also check out Industrial Resources, Inc. or try MachineTools to try your luck. All-in-all you’re going to have to go further ‘underground’ within this category as finding one resource here that has tons of cnc grinding machines is tough.


In conclusion there are tons of options out ther for used cnc machines. A little bit of digging will go a long way. Your hidden gem may easily be found on our top pick MachineTools.com, or it may be hidden at eBay or Alibaba. Wherever it is we highly recommend you ask tons of questions to make sure the machine is the right fit for you and that there are no surprises when it finally arrives on your shop floor.


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